Friday, July 23, 2010

New Toy and Flowers

Chloe has been saving her money, so she bought herself a pair of roller blades. She has been wanting some for about a year now and has been wearing mine. She is really good on them and loves it.
The kids also received a trampoline this week. They have been having a blast on it. I was on there with them yesterday for quite a bit and I am sore today. There are lots of weak muscles that I use to jump.

Daddy is the coolest Dad around because he can do flips and things. Even he feels it after jumping on there!

Lots of my flowers have been transplanted and I am very surprised that they are blooming. This poppy, above, hates to be moved and there are 4 buds on it.
Not sure the name of these white ones, they are just pretty.

I think these pots are my favorite. We are leaving for Manitoba on Sunday and I'm sure there will be lots of growth when we get back.


The Letniaks said...

Looks like the kids will have a few hours of fun on the trampoline! Your potted plants look great! Have fun on your trip, looking forward to seeing more pics!

Linda said...

Your flowers do look great, even while you were gone, they bloomed their hearts out. Bev did a nice job watering them. Glad you are back.