Thursday, May 27, 2010

Russell Turns 7 on June 4

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Here are some pictures I found of Russell and his family when he was a baby and the adults were much younger looking. Russell has been a blessing to this family. Blessings come with challenges and no one ever said it would be easy. It is hard to believe that he will be in grade 2! I am very greatful for all the support and help I have received in raising Russell. It has made him the boy he is today.

We had a birthday supper for Russell yesterday because Curtis and Grandma will be gone near his birthday. Russell likes the idea of getting to do more birthday activities next week. In this house we try to spread the birthday celebration over more than one day. I will post pictures of his party later.

Our Cute Kids

Chloe and Ranger have a special relationship. She is always wanting pictures of them together. Ranger has been swimming in the slough trying to catch a muskrat, so he is very dirty and stinky, but Chloe loves him anyways.

Chloe showing off her dance moves.

Russell took this picture of Chloe and I. He also took the one of me. He did a good job!

Now it was Chloe's turn to use the camera. She can't hold one eye shut. So she tries to hold my dslr camera with one hand, tries to focus, and uses the other to hold her eye shut. It's cute to watch.
Russell and Chloe showing that they love each other. Russell is not a touchy person and he wanted his arm around Chloe. That warms my heart! More pictures will be coming of Russell's birthday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Grandpa and Grandma came over for Grandpa's birthday supper. We had all of his favorite foods; steak, baked potatoes, corn, pistachio salad, and ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert.
Russell and Chloe dug a river in the garden and filled it with water then proceeded to run through it. They were pretending they had black skin like the Jamaicans at church!!
This is the flower bed Curtis made for me. I planed more day lilies in there after this picture was taken. The plants have had a rough start to to frost, heat, and then snow. I will take some pictures in the fall and hopefully it will look good. This picture is taken facing the neighbors yard. Curtis is going to do another flower bed by the water riser. He really likes this one and is ready to do more!!

Last Sunday we had the skid steer from John Deere for the day. Curtis moved dirt and fixed the driveway and filled in ruts in other parts of the yard. Now it is ready for seed. Too bad I did not get the seed on before the snow.

The grass was not that green here. I can't wait to see how it will look after about 3" of moisture.
This is one of the flower pots in front of the house. The petunias are salmon and purple colored. Gardening is a passion of mine and there will be lots more pictures of our yard before the the summer is over!
Our yard Sabbath morning. It still looks like this today. A bit of grass is starting to show and the taller perennials. I am waiting for 14 degrees tomorrow and than 20 for the rest of the week. Germination in the garden should not be a problem. My lawn mower is ready to go.
We are having Russell's birthday party this week because Curtis will be gone on a course on June 4. Birthdays are not the same without Daddy. Russell will be 7 and finishing grade one. Where has the time gone. I find it harder to accept Russell getting older than Chloe. There are several birthday and anniversaries in our family from May to July that by the time Chloe's birthday comes on July 20, I'm about done.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thomas The Tank Engine in Calgary

Here is Thomas the Tank Engine that Russell and Chloe know so well. They were so excited to see a life size Thomas. Even though the weather was cold and we were dressed like it was November, it was well worth it. Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore were able join us on this adventure.

Russell and Chloe were each given some money from the grandparents to spend today. Chloe did not buy this hat, she just wanted a picture with it.
A pose with Sir Topham Hat. Those of you who know the Thomas lingo will know who this is. I like how Chloe is holding his hand.
In one of the tents there was a musical show. Kermit the Frog came to kiss Russell. During the show, they asked for volunteers. Russell and Chloe both went up a few times. Here Chloe thinks she is going to get wet but she didn't. She was very nervous that she would get wet, it was good magic.
Here Russell went up front to make music. The string that was holding the jug on him broke because he was pulling on it because it was too tight. He was a little embarrassed but continued the show.

Chloe loves to get her face painted. Oh yeah, it was free too.

The Whitmore clan.
Grandma looks more impressed to ride the carousel than Curtis. I think the last time Curtis smiled for a nice picture was our wedding!!
I would recommend a Day With Thomas for anyone who has kids that like Thomas. Now back home in the morning. My mother-in-law dug me lots of perennials to plant at my house. Some of them were given to her by her mother-in-law. They are defiantly heirloom plants. If I were to buy all that I have, it would have cost me about $600. I am blessed. I will post pictures of the flower beds later.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quality Time at my In-laws

This first picture is not in order, but it was too cute to leave out. You are never too old to run in the grass. Chloe and Grandma just ran around the yard so carefree. I am so glad Chloe and Russell have the chance to just be a kid and feel the wind in their hair and run and play. Russell and Chloe are blessed.
The weather in southern Alberta has been undesirable. These poor tulips!! I brought Russell and Chloe's bike and they only had one chance to ride them. So we went on a 5 km walk/ride. The kids rode their bikes and my mother-in-law walked half way and jogged the rest. Needless to say when we returned home, the kids sat down in the couch and did not move or talk. They just sat there quietly until lunch was ready.
Last Thursday, we went to Hanna for hair cuts by Kathy for Chloe and I. Chloe is so proud that she can now have one braid down the middle of her hair.
Finally today, Sabbath, the sun decided to shine. Here are some cute pictures in Grandma's back yard of the girls.

We found this bird nest that blew out of a tree. Chloe was very interested on how it was made and wanted to be sure it the birds would still use it so she placed it on the branch.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Matching Cuties

When I was in Florida, I bought Chloe, Briana, and Victoria all matching dresses and Russell a shirt. Today was the day to wear the outfits to church. The weather was not that warm outside for great pictures, but we made due. During the summer we will have another photo shoot of the kids. Kim's camera was going as fast as mine so she will most likely post some pics as well. In the top picture, Briana and Chloe were laughing because they were both sitting on the same chair.

Russell looks so much older here. I think because he is the only boy.
Briana was not pleased with the grass, so that did not last too long. So off to run on the grass and play.