Thursday, April 23, 2009


Chloe can now ride a two wheeled bike. She has been wanting to for awhile. Curtis worked with her on Sunday for a bit and after lunch she tried again and took off. She has not wanted to ride on the driveway yet but who would after riding on the cement in the garage. We promised her a new bike when she can ride without training wheels. Bikes these days are hard to come by. The workers at Canadian Tire cannot keep up with the set up of bikes that come in.

Our kids are growing up. She is very fond of the new found freedom. Now we all can go biking. Where we have church is right next to a park with paved trails. The kids are itching to take off after church to go ride their bikes.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Fun

Grandma Whitmore colored some eggs with the kids and then Daddy hid them outside. The weather in southern Alberta was beautiful.

We took the kids over to Uncle Terry and Aunt Sylvia's house to see some baby calves. Our kids are not use to animals since Grandpa Weich only grain farms. On the way to church that Sabbath we saw a baby calf being born. That started Chloe asking many questions!!

Russell and Chloe

My camera quit working over Easter so I will not be posting any new pics other than today until I get a new camera. So don't give up checking the blog because one day there will be something new on there.
I took the kids to Walmart to have their picture taken and here are some of the results.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here are some great pictures from the past.

Remember When

I have been going through our photos on CD and trying to get more organized. I came across some pics from a while ago and they are too cute not to share. I brings back very happy memories and how the kids (and adults) change.