Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Manitoba and Back

This is one of the pictures that Curtis took. We went to an old time threshing show with lots of tractors and trucks. Here is a truck that caught Curt's eye. I won't post pictures of the tractors but if you want to look at some or find out what was there, talk to Curtis!!
This is a field of soy beans behind Crystal and Alvin's house. We have not seen how soy beans grow and since we are soy milk drinkers, we had to take a look.
Their dog Snowball or Snowy running through the soy beans.
This is the view from their back deck.
We went to Patterson Grain where Alvin works. The trains on these 4 tracks were loaded with oats and heading for Minneapolis to General Mills and Quaker Oats, 50 cars to each place. Than we can buy the oats back here in Canada at Costco in the form of Cheerios and oatmeal. Too bad we could not eliminate the one step.

Good thing Alvin understands all this.
Alvin is showing us how wheat is graded.

In 4 days, 8 of us ate 2 - 25 lb watermelons. They were sooooo good. We don't get those big ones here with the seeds. Russell and Chloe were in heaven.
Chloe enjoyed being with Haeli all the time. All the kids played very well together and there were always things to do.
Curtis and his goofy grin.

The last time we were in Manitoba to see Curtis' sister Crystal and her family, I was pregnant with Russell. It was high time for another visit. We spent one night in a tent on the way there and the way back. The weather was great and humid. In the little town they live, there is a beautiful outdoor pool we visited and a running track where Chloe was able to master her roller blades. Crystal is a school teacher so summer is the best time to visit. Alvin took a few days off as well. Russell and Chloe miss the attention from Haeli and Reid and have to adjust!! The drive there was absolutly beautiful. It seems like everywhere but here has had lots of rain. We met a couple from Saskatoon and they have had 23" of rain since the end of May, wow. But that also brings no crops or drowned parts if the crop was able to be seeded.

Now we are back home and into the harvest season. Curtis is very busy at work and the kids and we are enjoying all the produce and flowers from the garden. Russell is happy that combining will start before school so he does not have to miss being with Grandpa.
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S&K Weich said...

It looks like your trip was not only educational, but memorable as well. Chloe informed me that her daddy still does not enjoy camping. What a good sport, though!

The Letniaks said...

We sure know that feeling of "everywhere else getting rain but us" all too well for a few too many years!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip.