Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Changes

Oh how our little Chloe Jane has changed. She is full of life, smiles, hugs, love, and laughter. She is only about 10 days old here with Uncle Steven. She is wearing a newborn sleeper.

One month old.

Chloe would sleep anywhere. She was tired and Daddy got her to sleep.

Ready for church.
Her first taste of ice cream from Grandma Whitmore. She loved it. It was hot outside and Grandma wanted to cool off.
Eating strawberries.

Chloe's pal Ranger.

When she just turned 6.

She has really grown up in the last year. She grew 5 inches in 10 months. Her face has changed as well. We are really enjoying the little girl she is. Chloe is full of hugs and smiles. She has a love for people, animals and activity. She is always on the move. Chloe is going into grade 2 and learning lots.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Chloe


Here is Chloe and Aunt Joanie blowing at each other. Chloe had a fun filled day of activities. At the last minute we decided to go to Dawson Creek swimming. Uncle Norm and Aunt Joanie were leaving the next day for home so we had her celebrations early. Curtis missed the swimming but came out for supper. Last year Chloe went swimming at the same place. Maybe she is starting a tradition. Taco bake was on the menu for supper, one of Chloe's favorites.

I am a cooker and a baker not a cake decorator. My friend who usually makes cakes for the kids was heading out for holidays so I was on my own. She lent me her decorating equipment. I had the pan already. After a bit I got the hang of it. Russell is already making plans for his next cake. Russell wanted to help so he wrote the happy birthday.

Here comes Uncle Norm. He had never been on a water slide before. He was a good sport. The first time he didn't know he was to lay down. So up he went for another ride and laid down. He went much faster.
This was Aunt Joanie's first time as well.
Grandma came flying down the water slide. This was taken just after she surfaced. At first all you could see were legs in the air. Chloe is watching her and laughing!!
Here is Aunt Joanie doing a dive. She was a swimming instructor and swam for many year.
Here's Uncle Norm doing his dive too.
Russell had a little private lesson. One on one teaching does great.

Chloe with a little swimming lesson as well.
Grandma and the birthday girl.

After swimming we went to Tony Roma's and Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. We were waiting for Curtis to arrive at Mom and Dad's for supper so we had some time to kill. Chloe had a fun filled day. We did not arrive home till 11:00 pm. Needless to say there will be an early bedtime tonight.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Alberta Camp Meeting 2011

The weather finally warmed up towards the end of the week at Camp Meeting so the kids could go use the slip and slide.
Ready for the water.
Chloe getting instructions on how to use the reins to steer the horse.
Here comes Russell in some soap.

Russell loved being able to take the horse by himself. He drives the horse like he steers the quad, with little corrections like a steering wheel. The horse was getting confused by the end of the ride.
Sabbath afternoon hike.
Winston Jr., Andrew and Russell
Up those long stairs. It was nice to get out for a walk after lunch and explore.

Family Together

Mom's brother and sister in law, Norm and Joanie from Walla Walla, Washington came for a visit. We had some family pictures in Grande Prairie at a beautiful park by Cassy, who else!!
We're a pretty happy looking bunch.
Cassy was just fooling around with settings and getting people set up. This one turned out really good.
Another cute one of a happy couple.

The weather was nice and warm and grass dry enough to sit on.
Norm being silly.

This is one of my favorites.
Another one I like.

Even Kirby made the trip. He is a handsome dog.
Mr. GQ himself. That's what he said! I agree.
Brother and sister. Similarities?