Friday, March 25, 2011

More of Our Fun in Seattle

We walked most everywhere while in Seattle. On our way to Elliott Harbor, we walked through a year round farmers market. My favorite part was the fish market. When a customer wanted to purchase fish, the workers would sing song and throw the fish across the market. This lady here is catching the fish she wants. We stood and watched for a while, it was pretty cool!!
This is one long set of stairs. We put on at least 2 miles a day. There are lots of hills in the city, similar to San Fransisco, and now realize why the city shuts down when snow arrives. The hills are steep!!
Russell using my camera to take some pictures while waiting for Curtis.
We took the kids to the Museum of Flight. I think Curtis and I were more interested in it then the kids. There was lots of history and some planes for them sit in. Russell loves all the buttons.

The famous Space Needle.
The weather was beautiful while we where there. Chloe was very excited to wear some capris.
Another highlight was the Pacific Science Center. There were these tide pools with fish in them we could touch. I was the only one interested in feeling all the animals in there. Curtis only quick had his hand in there. I'm surprised I got the picture. The sea anennomie was my favorite. I have no idea how to spell that work and neither does spell check!
This demonstration was fun as well. I thought their teacher would be happy they were educated on a holiday.

The butterfly garden was spectacular. Curtis took some really good shots of the butterflies.

We saw Legends of Flight in the IMAX theater. Russell and Chloe have never been to a theater before let alone an IMAX in 3D. They were giggling in their seats with excitement. That's what a parent likes to see and hear!

This is part of an engine. Curtis is telling Russell how it works. Chloe and I bypassed this one.
Russell and Curtis couldn't wait to get their hands on the controls. This was lots of fun moving marbles around. Chloe liked this one too. It's good for their eye/hand coordination.
Here are all the products from China ready to get unloaded. The crane operators can only work for 2 hours before they need to get off the crane and take a break. There is no room for error and they are looking down through glass in the floor of the crane and have eye strain.
Seattle skyline. They say Seattle has 220 totally cloudy days a year. We had a few of those days. I don't think I could handle all the cloud. At least when there is snow on the ground there is sun.
A grain ship loading to head across the pond. When the ship is full, all the red on the boat will be below the water.
Vehicle and passenger ferries.
This is the US Coast Guard ice breaker boat. It is built to handle ice. To break through the ice the fuel in the hull is moved around from one end to the other to maneuver it up on to the ice.
Fish feeding time. We were in a dome where we could watch the fish all around us. The diver also talked a bit about some of the fish.

We had tons of fun in Seattle. We got lots of exercise every day and were always on the go. By the time night came, we were all ready for bed. I'm sure Russell and Chloe will remember this one for a while. They still talk about going to the Shushwaps and that was 2 1/2 years ago. It's fun to take them on holiday. I am so glad Curtis took the time off work to just relax and have fun. There will be another post coming.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days 1,2, and 3 of our Trip

We left lots of snow at home and did not really want to see much more. The roads were quite snowy till Jasper. After that they were clear and wet. Valemont is at a high elevation. There was lots of snow. We stopped to take some pictures because there is beauty in winter.

We arrived in Abbotsford, BC at 8 pm. The kids were so excited to see their cousins. Rob and Lisa live on a quiet street and dead end. They had so much fun on the bikes and roller blades.

Russell Riley, only 2 months apart in age, racing down the hill. All the kids played so well together.
After breakfast we headed out the door to go for a walk in the forest by a small river. There Riley and Chloe found some ice cream pails. The water was fun to wade in and throw rocks in. There was a drizzle of rain but rain doesn't kill, the fun must go on!!
Lisa's husband Rob was at work. He is a ALS (advanced life support) Technician. In this picture here from left to right is Lisa, Payton (3), Conner (4), Russell (7), Riley (7), Chloe (6), and Curtis. The greenery is so nice to look at and touch.
Payton needed a little ride. I love this picture.
After lunch at some other cousins house, we headed to White Rock to show the kids (the prairie chicken kids) the ocean. The tide was out while we were there so there was lots of sand to walk on and shells to find. The wind was calm which is unusual so we were not cold. It was beautiful there.
Lifting kids over some water.
Laughing and having fun.

Trying to build a sand castle but they did not have the right tools and their hands were getting cold.
Sweet little Payton.
Lisa found a clam shell with a clam in it. There was yucky jelly coming out and she is asking Conner is he wants to open it. It was gross and he declined!
Curtis and Lisa were trying to pry it open but it was too tough.
Payton was in charge of carrying the bag of shells.
Little mother hen Riley.
Heading back to the van. Payton bringing up the rear.
After a busy day, a soak in the hot tub was very much needed and appreciated.
Here is the complete Remple family. Rob was going on to nights so he was up for a bit during the day. While putting the kids to bed on Monday night, Russell and Chloe were ready to give up the rest of their holiday, just to stay there and have more fun. There were tears from the other kids too because we had to leave so soon and they wanted us to stay. So nice to have such great cousins to play with. We had a fantastic time visiting. Thanks for opening up your home and having such nice kids. Your family is a pleasure to be around.

I am typing this from our hotel in Seattle, WA. Tomorrow we will go to the Science Center. Will be fun. The weather this week is turning out to be fantastic. We have the sunroof open while driving. Capris are in the wardrobe plan for the morning! I will post more later. If I wait till we get home I'll forget some things.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not much Happening

I know these pictures are not the most exciting. But it has been a while since I have posted anything and thought I should post something!! We've had cold weather and lots of snow. The snow is up to my hips on the level still. The kids have been doing school and just our everyday things. We are running out of places to put the snow. The blade on the quad only goes so high. With the drifting, Curtis has to plow the snow into the caldasac and let the grader take of it.
Our neighbors came over for supper one night. We don't see them much during the winter so it was time for a visit.
This is the drift out the basement door. Curtis shoveled a path for Ranger to get out and go pee. It's much easier to let him out downstairs.

This is one of the moose who has come back for a visit. So far she has left my raspberries alone. Ranger barks during the night because she is too close for his liking. Russell and Chloe watch out their bedrooms windows. This picture was taken through Russell's window.
Baking bread as usual. Curtis and Chloe think their life is not complete without homemade bread.
I go more for the granola.
Here are some gluten free cookies for Russell. He is managing quite well and eats limited grains. His system seems to be handling a little bit. I make gluten free pizza crust so he enjoys the finer things of life!! I don't care for the texture of gluten free bread so I have not made any. Every once in a while he has a piece of regular bread. I like to watch him take the first bite. He enjoys it soooooo much and loves the taste.

We are leaving for Seattle, Washington on Sunday. Curtis has taken 2 weeks off work which usually never happens. It will be nice to have him with us during the day. The kids have 2 weeks off for spring break. We have worked ahead a bit so we don't have to dive right into the books as soon as we get home. Curtis' 2 cousins and their families life in Abbotsford, BC. We will stay there for a few days to visit and let the kids play with their cousins before we head off to the States. We will be in Seattle for 5 days and take lots of sights in. It's not a tropical vacation but there is green grass and the air will smell good. I will try to post pictures while there. I am looking forward taking pictures of the kids without all their winter gear on.

After Seattle, we are Southern Alberta bound to celebrate my Father in Laws 70th birthday. The actual day of his birthday is March 20 but Crystal, Alvin and Reid are coming from Manitoba and I think Wes and Lana will be there too. It will be nice to see everyone, even though we just saw them at Christmas!! After this visit, we won't be seeing the Manitoba family till next Christmas.