Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Wonderland

 This was one morning last week when the temperature was below -25C. Living on a hill, we usually stay about 10 degrees warmer than other locations. Yesterday we were 16 degrees warmer than Mom and Dad's place.
 My kitchen windows face east. I never tire of looking at the sunrise. During the summer I don't enjoy as many sunrises because I'm still in a slumber state!
 This is looking to the southeast.
 The sky was lit up to the northeast as well. The time was around 9 am.

 On the weekend we received about 12" of snow. After the snowfall, the sun has been extremely bright. Everywhere I look there seems to be diamonds just laying on top the snow.

This picture was taken at about 3 pm. The sun is already sinking low to the southwest. The bright sunny days and beautiful sunrises make winter a bit more bearable.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter at the Whitmore's

Over the Christmas holidays Curtis had some time off work so we finished Chloe's room. A new coat of paint was added to match the new bedding she received for her birthday in July, window cills painted, baseboards and trim added and French doors for the closet.
 The wall with 2 windows is purple and the rest is a sage green.

 Winter is always a great time for soup. Pumpkin Thai was on the menu.
 Tried a new recipe, it's called cranberry banana bread. A very tasty combination.
 The snow makes everything sparkle.

It's always a good time for target practise.