Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chloe Jane

Chloe had a little photo shoot today. We both stayed home church trying to get better from illness. We wanted a bit of fresh air, so outside we went. I didn't last long but I was able to capture a few beautiful images.
I love the colors of the purple shirt with the green background.

A pencil sketch for something fun.

By this expression I can tell she does not have much energy. Usually she eats as much as Curtis and I. This last week she's been eating less, not like her at all!! There are a few trees where the leaves are changing. I'm not trying to rush fall but I do love the colors. It makes for beautiful pictures. We get our annual family photo done also in the fall.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quading With Friends

Sunday was another adventure in the mud. The water levels have gone down quite a bit in the last 2 weeks since we had been out. Brian had big mud tires on his quad and we all wanted to see what he could go through. Cassy and I took the girl trails when there was one.
Here there is a big marsh area with peat. You start to sink if you follow someone's track. I only had Russell's little camera with me, I miss my other one. But this one did the trick in capturing the fun. Mr. Grant is checking out the wet spot.
Cassy coming up out of a water/mud hole.
Curtis checking out to see how bad Brian is stuck and if there is a bottom to peat moss.
There he goes!
Brian giving Cassy instruction on how to get out of the pickle she is in. I think she might have been hung up here.

Mr. Grant washing his quad in the Bad Heart river.
This was the last deep water hole we went through. All eyes were on Cassy! This is where she filled her boots. She did say it was fun!

Curtis likes to wash our quad a different way in the river. He didn't think it was that deep. The waterproof compartment what carried the phone and gloves is actually waterproof. So thankful. The quad did come up cleaner only to get dirty again. When I get pictures from Cassy I will post some that she took.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Weekend Getaway

Look at the blue eyes on these Whitmore kids!! Our first stop was by Wes and Lana. Carter is getting so big, pulling himself up, and displaying a great personality. Russell and Chloe had fun with him. Carter will be one in September.

It was hot on Sabbath so after church we headed to the canal for a swim. The irrigation ditches are treated weekly so there is no algae growing. It's like swimming in a lake, only really shallow. It was a tad cool, but oh so refreshing.
Chloe is proud of herself because she realized the water's not deep and she can swim.
Grandma and I took the kids to float down the canal.
Grandma relaxing in the cool water.
This is a puppy from our litter that Curtis' cousins wanted. So he made the long trek south. His name is Jack. He is suppose to be an outside sleeping dog and just in for visits, but that hasn't happened. He is loved so much. Here is Taylor giving him a cuddle. Her dad thought he couldn't leave him at home so he brought him down on the quad. Jack loved it.
Russell having fun with the tube.
Before the next bridge on the canal, you get out and walk back up the road to float down again.

Mother in law's back yard. We ate lunch and supper outside every day. It was so nice. The mosquitoes were not even that bad.
Cookin' up salmon for supper.
Curtis relaxing and visiting. This was a nice way to end the Sabbath. Grandpa made a fire for the kids every night as well which was a hit.
Chloe and Grandpa
On Sunday afternoon, Grandma set up the sprinklers in the yard for the kids. Chloe likes the feel on the bottom of her feet.
It took Russell a while to want to run through the sprinklers. He had to figure out how they worked first. You can see him in the background lining up for the kill. He was going to get Grandma. Later that evening we were heading to a BBQ at an uncle and aunt's house, so Grandma was dressed for that. She never saw it coming. It was funny!

So Grandma being the "orange" that she is, loves a little showdown. She let him have it. Chloe thought the sprinkler that Russell got Grandma with was the only one that turned. Little did she know. Meanwhile, Grandpa and Daddy were napping in the house.
Russell loved making the water go where he wants.

Chloe needed a drink.
Taking a break with a Root Beer float. What a way to cool down.
It was nice to have a relaxing weekend. There were 12 other cousins for Russell and Chloe to play with. I usually go south to Hays during the summer with just the kids. Curtis has not taken time off during the summer to just go have fun. The other 3 times in the last 10 years he has been to his parents during the summer was for a wedding a 2 funerals. So this was a special treat for all. We usually go during the winter and early spring.