Monday, July 19, 2010

Chloe's Birthday Party

Our family hopped in Cassy's van and off the Dawson Creek we went. Curtis' expression on his face says it all. Chloe originally wanted to spend the day at Swan Lake but the weather was cool, so swimming we went. After wards, we cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmellows at a campground.
Sunday morning she opened the present from us and Great Grandma. She received an MP3 player and head phones. She did not know what it was at first and had a strange look on her face. Once we showed it to her, she was off and listening. She loves her Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue stories and Bible stories and listens to them every night. Now when we go on a trip I will not have to pack so many CDs and she listen. I downloaded 37 stories to it so we should be good all the way to Manitoba and back.

Cassy made Chloe a cake which was excellent. Chloe picked out the pattern.
One, two, three, BLOW!!

Grandma and Grandpa got her a skipping rope and soccer ball. Cassy, Brian and Hailey gave her a book you color using finger prints, very cool.

Just as we were finishing eating, the rain started to come down. There was a shelter nearby we went to to eat dessert and open presents.

Since there was only one skipping rope and 3 kids, playing horsey is what happened!
Cute girls.
Now it was Curtis' turn to be the horse. This horse has some trouble to get going. Once Grandpa went over, the horse went!
Our family. Enjoy the Smilebox of swimming. Cassy brought her underwater camera. Wow, was that fun. Here we are looking silly!
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The Letniaks said...

Happy birthday Chloe! Looks like it was a fun day!