Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun at the Peace River

This is how our day began. We dined in the beautiful outdoors with nice John Deere plates, cloth napkins and real silverware. Our friend Holly came with us. Actually, the whole thing was her idea, we just went along for the fun.
Even Ranger was glad to have a day out.
The weather has been very hot which has been nice. The kids have never played in a river before except for throwing rocks into the water. They were very excited and had lots of fun running up and down, in and out.
This is the famous Dunvegan Bridge. It is usually more yellow than this.
Ranger chased the rocks that the kids would throw. Holly and I had a chance to relax on the shore in some lawn chairs. Then take a dip in the water when we were too hot.

I went and bought Russell and Chloe each a pair of water shoes. They are like runners except with drain holes in the bottom. Their other water shoes are very thinned soled and have no support. They will get some good use out of these. I just wore my garden runners that needed a wash anyways.
Near the market gardens, there are beautiful flowers. This is up on the bank of the Peace River.
I could just sit and enjoy all the flowers.
Needless to say Russell and Chloe were very tired when we returned home. I only let them come home with a few rocks each. Chloe picked big ones that she could hardly carry. What a great way to enjoy the day with places like this so close to home.

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S&K Weich said...

the overcast day made for some great pictures. those water shoes are such a neat idea. they will support the kids' feet very well.