Friday, July 23, 2010

New Toy and Flowers

Chloe has been saving her money, so she bought herself a pair of roller blades. She has been wanting some for about a year now and has been wearing mine. She is really good on them and loves it.
The kids also received a trampoline this week. They have been having a blast on it. I was on there with them yesterday for quite a bit and I am sore today. There are lots of weak muscles that I use to jump.

Daddy is the coolest Dad around because he can do flips and things. Even he feels it after jumping on there!

Lots of my flowers have been transplanted and I am very surprised that they are blooming. This poppy, above, hates to be moved and there are 4 buds on it.
Not sure the name of these white ones, they are just pretty.

I think these pots are my favorite. We are leaving for Manitoba on Sunday and I'm sure there will be lots of growth when we get back.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chloe's Birthday Party

Our family hopped in Cassy's van and off the Dawson Creek we went. Curtis' expression on his face says it all. Chloe originally wanted to spend the day at Swan Lake but the weather was cool, so swimming we went. After wards, we cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmellows at a campground.
Sunday morning she opened the present from us and Great Grandma. She received an MP3 player and head phones. She did not know what it was at first and had a strange look on her face. Once we showed it to her, she was off and listening. She loves her Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue stories and Bible stories and listens to them every night. Now when we go on a trip I will not have to pack so many CDs and she listen. I downloaded 37 stories to it so we should be good all the way to Manitoba and back.

Cassy made Chloe a cake which was excellent. Chloe picked out the pattern.
One, two, three, BLOW!!

Grandma and Grandpa got her a skipping rope and soccer ball. Cassy, Brian and Hailey gave her a book you color using finger prints, very cool.

Just as we were finishing eating, the rain started to come down. There was a shelter nearby we went to to eat dessert and open presents.

Since there was only one skipping rope and 3 kids, playing horsey is what happened!
Cute girls.
Now it was Curtis' turn to be the horse. This horse has some trouble to get going. Once Grandpa went over, the horse went!
Our family. Enjoy the Smilebox of swimming. Cassy brought her underwater camera. Wow, was that fun. Here we are looking silly!
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chloe Opening more Presents

As you all probably know by now, we like to spread out birthday celebrations at our house. Last Sabbath, Chloe opened her present from Auntie Kimmy. So we thought that yesterday it was about time she opened some more things. Grandma went shopping for an outfit and wrapped all the pieces in separate bags so Chloe could have lots to open. They outfit will be displayed at a later occasion. Tomorrow we are having a little party for Chloe. Her birthday is on Tuesday, but Daddy has to work.
This shirt is not part of the outfit, Grandma just couldn't resist it!

Cute toes of many different sizes.

The love of grandparents is over whelming. They have enough love for their spouse, kids, grand kids, and friends. Russell and Chloe are blessed to know both sets of their grandparents.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beautiful Northern Alberta

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Birthday Celebrations and Outdoor Fun

It was Auntie Marta's birthday on Sabbath. It is usually during Camp Meeting time so they are never around to celebrate. We surprised her with 2 of her favorite cakes. Uncle Jeff had other plans for the rest of her day only she did not know about them yet, we all did.
Briana eating her watermelon and saying how good it is.
Russell and Chloe pushing Briana around on a toy after lunch.
Auntie Marta was told she was going on a hike after church and to plan for rain, heat, mud and water. So she did. He brought her to Moonshine Lake which is by Spirit River. There, Mom and Dad had the tent all set up for them and they were camping for the night. We all showed up for supper and to roast marshmallows. Auntie Marta is opening her present and smelling the wax.
Victoria relaxing and watching.
Grandpa showed Russell and Chloe how to roast marshmallows.
Chloe is learning the art.
At the campground there are paved trails and the kids had a great time on their bikes.
Ready for bed.
We stayed overnight at Mom and Dad's and than went quading the next day. Russell and Chloe have not enough of playing in the river so off we went.
Curtis let Russell drive most of the way.
Curtis is teaching the kids how to skip rocks. We didn't bring Chloe's swimming suit, so she took off her shorts and just wore her panties. It was so cute. The weather was hot and the cold water was refreshing. The clothes dried fast as well.

Russell and Chloe found some sticks and pretending they were explorers. It was nice to have a day with the family. Curtis has been working lots and not been home much. We had supper together on Friday and Chloe made the comment that Daddy has not been home for supper in a long time. This week is off to a better start, suppers together again. I will post a Smilebox of the scenery we came across this weekend. It is too beautiful to leave out. I thought I had taken enough pictures so I left the camera in the truck when we went to this other location to quad. Curtis spotted a momma black bear and 2 cubs. We stood at the top of the hill and watched them. Then we went quading in that area. Good thing the quads are loud and we made our presence known. When the black bear heard us, she took her cubs away.