Saturday, November 16, 2013

These are a few of my favoite things.

 As a photographer, I like certain pictures for different reasons than the client does. These are a few of my favoites over the last while.
This little boy stole my heart. His dimples, smile,
and the lighting outside are what makes this picture. 

I think this is my all time favorite. I'm partial to this girl of course.
The moment I caught this image was perfect.

This young man awesome eyes. I'm partial to this
guy as well. He rank high on my list. I like the background
and his eyes in this picture.

She just has natural beauty and posed with a relaxed look. 

The expressions, background and light are just right.

I have not photographed many teenagers. I like this one because
I had to think outside my box.

Lighting on her hair and the smile!

I don't what to say exactly about this picture.
I love everything about it.

This is one of the few times this subject is actually still. I like I was
able to capture the look on his face. He was intently watching
the kids on the trampoline.

This picture just makes me happy whenever I look it. Gardening is
a passion of mine. I can never have too many pictures of the garden
and flowers. Don't worry, I'm only posting 1.