Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Grandparents Love

Today we had a beautiful Sabbath. There was no wind and the temp. was around 30 degrees. After a light supper of popcorn, chips, peas from the garden and cinnamon pull a parts, the kids wanted Grandma and Grandpa to come outside and play. Grandma knew that she had to change her clothes because there was sand, grass and water outside to play with and Sabbath clothes would not work. Grandpa on the other hand, as you can see, went outside in his church clothes. These grand kids are extremely blessed to have Grandparents that play with them and love them to bits!

In a few months from now we will not have nice grass and warm weather to enjoy. So this was the time to make some memories.
Chloe took off some where.
Russell was just saying he was getting squished by the girls!
Now squishing Grandpa is a different story and much more fun.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Tooth Gone

Here is tooth #5 that Russell has lost. He likes pulling them out with dental floss. Angie (a friend who checks this blog and is a dental hygienist) will probably think I am crazy for letting Russell get teeth out this way!! I'm sure Chloe will want to do things different, she always does.

The finished result.

On Sunday, we went to Bridgeview Gardens, by Peace River, to pick up cucumbers to make pickles, 50 lbs worth. We made a day of it and took the kids by the river to throw rocks in the water. They could have spent hour doing that. Even Curtis and I thought it was fun.

Chloe figured out the bigger the rock the bigger the splash.

The ferry ride was also a highlight. The weather, scenery, and water were all beautiful.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happenings in the Peace Country

Mmmmm, supper. Considering the tough year my garden has endured, it has produced surprisingly well. I love being able to go out and get most everything I need for supper. If the kids are hungry, they hit the raspberry patch and the row of peas!

I love flowers. Here are the 2 bouquets that we took to church. I wish this season would last until November!

Here is the cake that Chloe and Kim spent time making. The kids wanted to blow the candles out.

Sunday to Wednesday I have been sitting in the tractor discing. This field here is just under a section. Thanks goodness for auto steer. When I get bored, I take pictures. I was near the banks of the Peace River and was hoping to see some wildlife, but no such luck. Russell and Grandpa stopped by to grease and Russell loves to operate the battery powered grease gun.
He is checking to see that everything is working like it should.

The kids in Grandma's corn. Soon we will be able to start eating.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quad Fun

On Sunday, the four of us all went quadding. It had been awhile since we could all go. Usually I stay home, which gets old real fast. Curtis is the expert at taking the quad up steep hills while trying not to hit his head on the trees. This peat moss swamp looks firm and when walking on it is not too bad. But then you hit soft spot and this is what happens. I was behind on the other quad wondering how I was going to cross.
Russell loved helping Curtis get unstuck. Russell would operate the winch and drive the quad out. I usually drove this quad, but this time it was not me who got into this situation!
The kids both got new helmet last week. This is the first time Chloe had a motorbike helmet because her neck was not strong enough before. She is so proud to wear it. I hope that kind of excitement still keeps up in 2 years.