Monday, June 27, 2011

Puppies and Water

The rain came down and the floods came up. That's what if felt like. This is water sitting beside the sewer mound. When the rain stopped, the water all soaked in. The grass is still a bit squishy but not bad. I had finished mowing everything before the rain came. I'm hoping the ground will dry up before I need to mow again.
They sleep so hard.

We're hoping no one can resist this adorable little face. The puppies are getting big. Their eyes are starting to open now. Some are starting to climb out of their box. Time to figure something else out.
Soapy has beautiful markings. That's what the kids call him.
Their skin is growing faster than their body, that's why the wrinkles.

A Ride in the Woods after 4" of Rain

As you can imagine, after lots of rain the past week, there was going to be water in the woods. The weather was beautiful and warm.
This place here to get across would not have been so bad if it wasn't for the hole the back tire of quad fell in. The first quad through found the hole and it fell on it's side. Grant didn't think it was that deep so he went in. After the water was over his boots, he went in deeper. Thanks to Grant, Bev, Russell, Chloe and I stayed dry above our boots. Curtis flooded his boots just towards the end of the ride.

There were several puddles where the water was over the engine on the quad. The Kodiak had water to the seat. I lifted my feet in most spots to prevent water filling them. The kids sit higher on the back so they stayed dry.

He's looking at his wife!
This is the Bad Heart River. Last year this hill was dry and brown. If the water was not so deep and fast flowing we could have made it across. Curtis and Grant went down to check it out. The water was up to Grant's chest, so no quads were making it across.

Time for some supper. With the long days we lost track of time. Leaving on the spur of the moment in the afternoon with the sun still high in the sky, it's easy to forget how late it really is. I had supper in the oven at home waiting. When we returned home, nobody was hungry so it was showers and straight to bed for the little ones.
Chloe was starting to get tired. There were some hills she had to climb in the mud. Slippery.
Russell is waiting to hit the trail again.
Curtis enjoying his hot dog. The water and the mud is fun to ride around in. The vegetation in the woods is so lush, beautiful. The roses were in bloom with their sweet aroma. Saw some frogs as well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This and That

Russell and Chloe made Grandma a coupon book for her birthday. They made up things they would like to help Grandma with. For example loading the dishwasher, working in the garden, feeding the dog, things like that.
Chloe decorated her book much different then Russell.

These are one of my favorite flowers.
Chloe ready for church.
Grandma had bought Chloe some window markers. They decorated the mirror in the guest bathroom for her.
This was taken a few days ago. They have grown so much since.
Look at that face, so cute.
Ranger is very curious about the pups. He likes to smell and lick them. Ciera and Hudson came over today to pet the puppies. They were so excited to have a pup on their lap. They were almost vibrating, so precious.

Russell and Chloe

It was time for Russell and Chloe to have some pictures taken. The weather was beautiful. We walked over to our neighbors yard and found some great locations. The colors this time of year are amazing, as well as the kids.

On a bench in the woods.

The grass is nice and tall and fun to walk through.

I think this one is my favorite.

Our 2 kids. Wow how the time has passed. In a few weeks Chloe will be 7 years old. She is catching up to Russell in height. They are enjoying the summer so far. Having the puppies here is a big attraction as well. Pictures of the pups will come in another post.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Things

This is the addition to our family. A few weeks a stray do came to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Marta's and never left. She came pregnant. So long story short, Uncle and Auntie are going away for this weekend and next. So we offered to look after the dog Gypsy. She was going to come over Tuesday morning without puppies. Well during the night she had them. So Jeff packed her and the pups up (only hours old) and headed to our house. It has been a week of adjustments for everyone here. Ranger is learning his limits, Gypsy is trying to settle in with 7 pups and I'm trying to keep track of everyone and remember when they were fed and let outside for a bathroom break! There are 2 brown, 4 black and 1 tan puppy. This picture was taken when they were a day old.
Rain has been falling this week so out comes the Lego. This was the first time Russell built this tow truck he got for his birthday. Russell took this picture.
Here is a picture Chloe took of her stable she built with Uncle Jeff. Her and need to paint it one day.
Russell took this picture of the rain on his window.
The puppies 4 days old. They are starting to get loose skin. Mommy's milk came in Thursday night so now the pups are not attached to her all the time. They have grown so much in a few days. Gypsy is so good with the kids playing with her babies. She is getting use to Ranger. Both adult dogs can be out in the yard together with no problems. They will learn to get along in the garage as the pups get older.
I'm sure these puppies will be in the house in a little bit. The first thing the kids do when they wake up is head for the garage. Jeff and Marta are not keeping any of the puppies and neither are we. We will enjoy them, make the kid trained, but they are not staying!!
It amazes me how they can breathe when they are stacked in the bed. Gypsy is getting food fit for a queen. I want her to keep up her milk production. She gets oatmeal porridge 1-2 times a day and turketts for meal. She is not too fond of cornmeal in with the oats. When their eyes are open, I will get better pictures and we may bring them in the house.