Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skating With Friends

It had been a while since Jen had been on a sled. The trail was very rough and she was a little unsure. The older you get the more bumps you feel.
It was fun to watch her and Ciera laughing and having fun.
There goes Russell and Hudson.
Hudson and his mom playing some hockey.
All the kids and one mom. We love having fantastic neighbors that live so close and we can walk over and that share their lake with us for skating.
Russell on a mission of clearing the snow.
Hudson doing good on skates. A little man on a mission.
Chloe and Ciera were just chatting about the week and what they have been doing that day. Those 2 girls are cute to watch and listen.
Chloe enjoying the outdoors. We have been blessed with such a mild winter. No scarves have been needed. It's nice not to have to bundle up lots just to enjoy some time outside, and we don't get cold in 20 minutes either!

Harder Family

The youngest member of the family. They have 3 beautiful children.
Oldest son, middle child.
Oldest daughter and child. Megan and Chloe are great friends.

Mom and son.

Husband and wife. i met this family through home school activities. They live close by and have children close to the same age as Russell and Chloe. I've enjoyed getting to know them.
Love how they still laugh and smile when each others company after many years of marriage.
The weather was a little cool out but the show must go on. The kids did great. Hot chocolate was made as soon as we were back at the house.
The little guy wanted to be by Russell. He loves Russell and likes to follow him around. He was not that interested in sitting with his sister.