Thursday, May 28, 2009


Curtis took the afternoon off work and we went to the rodeo in Grande Prairie. Curtis has been working lots and we have not seen much of him. It had been 2 days since Chloe has seen her Daddy. The motorbike guys were crazy!! My stomach got queesy just watching them. They would have done more tricks but it was too windy. The kids loved it.

Russell and Chloe were just taking in all the excitment and did not want to miss a thing. They loved watching the horses the best.

This is their first taste of cotton candy and it went down real nice to say the least!! Good thing the bathrooms were close by for those sticky hands. Curtis and I helped them eat the cotton candy and remembered how good it tasted. Oh for the childhood memories!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Little of Everything

Russell and Chloe sang again at church. They both informed me that this is the last time they will be singing in church. Chloe was very nervous so that is why the recorder is not by her side!!

Yes, Russell lost another tooth on Sabbath. Winston, a member from church, was teasing and tickling Russell that he was going to take out his other front tooth with his shoe. He didn't, but Chloe did. Russell and Chloe went to the toy room at church and came back in about 2 minutes with Russell's tooth in Chloe's hand. When asked what happened, Chloe replied she used her shoe to get Russell's tooth out. I asked her if it was an accidient and she said it was on purpose. Russell was laying on the floor and she came and put her foot in his mouth, thanks Winston for giving her the idea! His tooth was already loose but not that loose. Russell thought it was funny. So he got an early birthday present that went under his pillow.

Yesterday was beautiful so Russell pumped up and filled the pool while Chloe was in town with Grandma.

They loved not having the same rules as in the house about splashing. This pool occupied them for about 3 hours while I finished the lawn and the garden. They would run and slide over the edge. About half of the water was gone when they were done.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our yard on May 19, 2009

I was so disappointed yesterday morning when this is what we woke up to. Curtis and I covered my plants (which are frost tolerent) on Monday night to add a bit more protection. Even today the wind is very cold and it is on 1 degree ouside.
Curtis drug bottom in the car coming into the yard. The snow was slippery and I could have used weight in the back of the truck. Russell said we need the blade back on the quad and I told him it would not snow that much, we could have used the blade!!

My daylillies in May.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Field Trips

On Tuesday, there was a field trip to the Grande Prairie Airport. There were some places I was not allowed to take pics. We had a tour of the inside and then a bus ride out on the tarmak which showed the kids all the hangers for helicopters, water bomber planes and STARS. They thought the fire truck was the best part. Today we went to a chicken farm just 6 miles west of our house. Before they could see the chickens, Russell and Chloe could not resist the kittens. They have 11 kittens from a few different moms. The owner of the house said any child unattended will go home with a kitten!!

Chloe was just beside herself with this little fur ball.

Russell was kind of scared to hold the chick, but once he knew that it was not going to hurt he went for it.

Chloe was trying very hard to be gentle. The chicks feet were tickling her hands. There were two eggs in an incubator that were ready to hatch because they already had a hole in them. There was no luck while we were there. The kids had a fantastic week with all their adventures. Russell and Chloe had each picked out some flowers they would like to plant. Today they helped plant their flowers. For Russell's prayer tonight he prayed and asked Jesus to help his pansies grow good!! My heart is all warm and fuzzy.
Have a great long weekend everyone.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Track & Field Day

Yesterday the home school group in Grande Prairie and area had a track and field day. There were at least 70 kids. Some of the events included running long jump, ball throw, and several track races. The kids had a blast and want to attend next year.
Chloe in her 50 meter race. She did very well and loves to run. She has always been able to out run Russell. I ran beside her to keep her going.
Her first ribbon and very proud.
Russell pondering his strategy for his race. He is more of a thinker than a doer and he did not want to run but I told I would run with him.

This was the 100 meter race. He also did a 200 meter run which he felt was too much.

Finally he got a ribbon. That helped him to pick up the pace.

The kids thought the relay race was fun. Chloe's team came in third and Russell's team came in first in their race.

Enjoying a popcicle after a fun day in the sun with friends. These other kids in the picture live 4 miles south of us and they like to play together.
Today we did a tour of the airport and Thursday we go to a chicken farm. I just found out about this home school group. If we attend all the activites we will be busy. There are usually at least 1 field trip a month and sometimes more. I want to plan one for John Deere which should be fun.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today at church we had a very special Mother's Day program. The men of the church have planned everything including the meal! Us ladies have realized that these men have class, there were roses instead of carnations.

Russell, Chloe and Matthew handed out the flowers to all the women in church.

I must admitt I was concerned about the meal and that there would not be enough food but they came through. Even a plate of nicely arranged veggies (I thought the tin pie plate was a cute touch!).

One of the men at church seated the ladies and another handed out Lindt chocolates. The desserts consisted of things like chocolate and fruit, my favorite. One of the church members works at Dairy Queen and he decorated a nice ice cream cake to add to the naniamo bars, chocolate cake and all the strawberries and melons anyone could eat.

We were served with paper plates and plastic utensils but a few dishes had to be done. It has been years since Curtis has done dishes by hand. This is a moment to remember!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.