Saturday, November 15, 2014

Maui Part 1

 Curtis and I had the opportunity to invest some time to our marriage. With the kids being taken care of by all the grandparents, we took off to the Hawaiian Islands. We spent 7 days on Maui and 3 days on Oahu. Since we travelled light (could have travelled lighter) Curtis wanted to rent a Mustang convertible. Well, I think most of the tourist that visit that island rent Mustangs. They were everywhere.
 This was a holiday where I didn't book any tours. The only thing I had pre booked was the hotel and car rental. So with help from Google, the GPS on the iPad, and spending a little bit of time in research, we filled our week with activity.
 There are not that many roads on the island and the traffic is very light. We drove on every major road. One of our goals was to go hiking in the state and national parks. We only payed an entrance fee for one of the parks. The rest was free to enter. Hiking was free as well. The beauty we seen on our hikes was spectacular. It was so worth the bit of effort to get there.

 Driving on this road was the scariest part. Most of the road was just a bit wider than the car, blind corners, rock on one side of the road, cliff on the other and no guard rail. Curtis was very good at honking his horn around the corners to notify other drivers and backing up to a place where 2 vehicles could pass.

 Where we went hiking, looks were not important. The weather was beautiful the whole time we were there. Rain, mud, water, and mist don't kill people. We knew later in the day we could get cleaned up.

 In this valley there was a helicopter giving tours. Below is the city of Kahalu.

The trail in the state park was defiantly not well travelled. We did meet some other hikers along the way. I liked going to places where most tourists don't. We were not trying to get through crowds and with the peaceful quiet around us, we chatted all the way up the mountain and all the way down.