Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Pictures

Here are some of the pictures we had taken on Sunday by our friend Cassy. I know there are lots but she wanted to see most of them. Now we need to decide which one or two to blow up for our wall. I will take any suggestions. There are too many right now for me to decide.

Ranger defiantly thinks he is part of the family.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Whitmore's

This is the outside scene on Thanksgiving, not what I had wanted.
Inside was warm and friendly. There was more beauty inside than out.
My trusty mother-in-law was there to carve the turkey, peel potatoes, make pie crusts, and a few other things. I HATE making pie dough so she stocks my freezer when she is here. That is the only was Curtis gets apple pie!
Tabitha and Sarah were visiting for the weekend and Russell and Chloe loved having them around.
Here is the whole gang.
I tried to get some pictures of Chloe and Briana in their cute clothes, but Briana had playtime on the brain.
She likes to "foof" Chloe's hair.
Here she is counting to three with her mother! There was a fun time had by all. Now the kids know that Christmas comes next. Russell lost a tooth while eating his turkey. He got $9 under his pillow. What happened to when a quarter was great? He was very excited and is saving for a train.

Kids go Milking a Cow

This cow was so tame and gentle, even when she was done her grain. The kids had a great time.
This field trip was in the evening so Curtis, and other dads, could come. The event started out with taking turns making butter.
Chloe loved the feel of the udder and was enthralled with how the milk came out.

Russell got pretty good at milking. I'm sure if he had to do it 2 or 3 times a day that would change. Grandpa practiced with him on how to milk a cow during the day.