Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Time of Skies for Russell and Chloe

Russell and Chloe are geared up and ready to go. Because they have been ice skating this winter, they felt OK with having something on their feet. We went skiing with the home school group in the area. Curtis took the day off work which was a big help.

The kids liked this carpet lift that took them up the bunny hill. Russell and Chloe had a bit of a lesson. Curtis and I took turns skiing by ourselves on the rest of the hill.
Russell and Chloe are concentrating hard on turning and stopping at the bottom.
After lunch, they were ready to try out a bigger hill. I took Russell and Curtis took Chloe. The first time down Russell did not like it. He is lacking some leg strength so it took him a while to catch on to turning. After that, he got the hang of it and did really good. Curtis had Chloe ride down behind him so she thought it was easy! It was a good sign when the kids want to go back for another day of skiing.

Our New Niece

This is our new niece Victoria Renae Weich. She made her arrival on February 23, 2010 at 1:59 am. She weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. and measured 19 3/4 inches long. I had the privilage of being part of this special time. I was there when Briana was born as well. Victoria liked having her nose on her Mommy's skin. She must have liked the way she smelled.
Here she is a little more cleaned off and attempting to look around. A church member is a RN in labor and delivery and was on duty the night Victoria was born. It was so nice having Naomi there. Naomi is also a midwife so she has an extra special way about her.

Later that day after I had a few hours sleep, Russell and Chloe were itching to go see their new cousin. When they sit cross-legged, Victoria fits perfectly in their lap. Russell and Chloe enjoyed just sitting there and holding her. After about 20 minutes of them each holing, it was now Auntie's turn.

When Grandma arrived, it was her turn to hold the new baby. With Grandparents, Auntie, Uncle, and cousins around, little Victoria and Briana will be loved very much. Russell and Chloe love when Briana comes over to play and they have a great time. I have had to keep going over with Russell and Chloe that Victoria will not be able play, talk, walk for a while. I tell them that when it is spring, Victoria will be look and smile at you. Around summer or combining time, Victoria will be sitting up and able to play a little. Chloe thinks that Victoria would be able to play with her and Briana in about a week!! This family is excited to watch all the kids grow up together. Being an Auntie is great!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Russell was able to go with Curtis one afternoon while he was hauling equipment to and from Dawson Creek. So while the boys were gone, the girls baked cookies. Holly came over and helped Chloe make shape cookies which she was really proud of and wanted to share.
Russell and Chloe each made their own loaf of bread. Russell wanted to eat his and Chloe wanted to save hers and eat the big loaves so hers would last longer.

A quick photo shoot before church. Chloe had her hair done different and they were dressed in their Sabbath best.

This a cute picture of my niece and nephew from Manitoba. I found it on my computer and thought it was worth a post.

The Whitmore's have been very busy the month of February. With Russell and Chloe having swimming lessons twice a week, school, skating, and finishing the basement, I will be glad when the month is over and we are back to normal a bit. When we run out of drywall, we are taking a break. By then it will be spring and time to be outside in the yard and garden. Russell and Chloe are very anxious for spring to come and the snow to go.

We are still waiting for the arrival of a new cousin for the kids. They have been praying for Auntie Kimmy's baby and now want to see the little person that has been in their prayers for months.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chloe's New Room and Swimming

Chloe moved into Russell's old room after a new coat of paint and carpets cleaned. The colors are a pinky coral and a light sage green, so Chloe. She will no longer have to try to sleep with the summer sun blazing in her room till 10:40 at night. Her old room is where I have set up the massage table.
This room is such a girly room, Chloe loves it!

Russell and Chloe started swimming lessons today and will go the whole month. They were so excited to go. There is only 1 other child in their class so the instructor gets a chance to play with each one. The instructor has a high pitched voice and gets very excited. Curtis and I were sitting on the sidelines laughing. She is great with the kids and got them to try new things, I guess that is why lessons cost good money.
Thursday we are going skiing. This will be Russell and Chloe's first time on skies and I hope they like it. Look for a post later of us skiing.