Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cousin Fun

Russell and Chloe love taking Briana for walks and she loves to be on the move. They had her walking all over the church grounds yesterday.

Monkey see monkey do. Briana went to the window and was talking about something oustide so Russell and Chloe had to go see what was going on.

Auntie Karla got out her big bowl for Briana to play in.

These pictures are mixed up. Chloe has wanted her hair short for a while now. So today was the day. The top one is the finished product. She was a little bummed when there were still curls. I am tired of the hassle that goes on to have a barret in her hair to keep it out of her eyes. Because she had very hair until she was almost 3 years, she never got use to having things in her hair and does not like it done. Hopefully this will solve some of the problems. Curtis does not always put in enough conditioner or comb her hair before bed, so I am left the mess in the morning, which is getting old. Naturally curly hair needs a little more attention. It was hard for me to cut it this short but it is only hair. This does suit her personality. She is a very much wash and wear kind of girl. That is why her clothes have to be easy to get on a feel soft or she will not wear them. Does anyone else have kids like this or is Chloe the only one?

This is the before picture of her hair. She was with Grandpa spraying for awhile this morning.

Father's Day

Yesterday at church we has a special Father's Day program. All the ladies at church were involved in some way or another. Marta Sharpe had the sermon. For pot luck, we tried to make things special so Kenisha and Adrianne served the men a drink as they came into the fellowship room. Their choices included Root Beer, Sparkiling Lemonade, Ginger Ale and juice. The meal consisted of not too many veggies except for ceaser salad, and potato dishes, vegitarian chicken and enchiladas, and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. When I put Russell to bed last night he was very thankful it was Father's Day so he could have pop like Daddy and get a book mark and pen. Dad has a little taste test first before his order is complete.

Curtis just goes right for the Root Beer!

These ladies were belting out beautiful music which makes it hard to get a shot when their mouths are not so open.

Briana on her way back from taking Uncle Jeff his book mark and pen.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kid Fun and Owies

The last while has been nice and hot which we all love. Chloe thinks that girls can go without shirts like boys. So yesterday I was tired of saying no so she had fun running through the sprinkler with no shirt. I needed to water the grass anyway! Our basement will soon have the siding finished. We have been waiting for the J-channel for 3 weeks now so we can finish and it should be here tomorrow. From the back it looks like a 2 story house instead of a house on a basement.

Warming up in the sun and out of the water.

Russell has been saving his money from his birthday. So today when we went to town he brought his $70 and bought himself a new bike. He was so proud of himself. I only had to chip in $20 so that was a good deal for me. We shopped around and found one at Canadian Tire. When we got home he wanted to take it for another ride. Grandma bought Russell and Chloe both horns, so after Curtis put them on their bikes, away they went. Curtis and I came in the house while they were playing. Russell comes in about 10 minutes later so calm and says he fell off his bike in the driveway. I am not sure why he fell because he has been riding on 2 wheels for 2 years and has been up and down the driveway a gazillion times. Anyway, things happen and skinned arms do not feel great. He wanted to make sure I out the pictures on the blog tonight so Grandma could see the owie (Grandma has the most simpathy around here!). So Grandma, Russell would like a phone call so you can listen about his sore arms.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Surprise Birthday for Grandma

Uncle Jeff, Auntie Marta, Curtis, the kids and I met at Kim and Steven's house for a surprise birthday for Grandma. We told her that it was a Father's Day get together because Curtis and Mom are going to be gone that weekend. She was surprised and the weather was beautiful as well. The kids had a great time playing in the yard. Chloe is taking a break and relaxing on Auntie Marta. Russell and Chloe helping their cousin walk. Briana gets so excited to see Chloe an she squeels!
Grandma starting to open the surprises. Russell and Chloe helped Kim carry out the cake, flowers and gifts.

Briana hanging out with Uncle Jeff.

Marta and Jeff bought these party poppers that make noise and open with streamers and confettii. The first one Marta did scared Grandma and Briana! The weather was perfect for a picnic in the backyard. I could handle this kind of weather for 6 more months.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Russell Turns 6 on June 4

Russell was very excited when he woke up in the morning. He enjoiyed looking at his cake and could not wait to get the backhoe and dump truck washed to haul popcorn.
He was laughing too much to blow out the candles.

Because he has 2 front teeth missing, it was hard for him to get a stream of air happening to blow the candles out.

Brian Palmer and Steven relaxing and topping up with cake and ice cream.

On his birthday, I take Russell to town by himself and he gets to pick where to go out to eat and putz around and look at things that we never get a chance to do. Chloe was with Grandma for the day so Russell had a great day being an only child. Chloe can't wait for her birthday in July. May, June and July are busy with many birthdays and I am tired out by the end.
Russell asked for Thomas things to add to his collection. He got the Knappford Station, Useful Engine Shed, Rocky, gift cards, money, a Thomas sticker book of over 700 stickers, and a shirt. Now some of you will be more familiar with Thomas lingo!! He had a great birthday and enjoys being 6 and says he is ready to start grade 1 in the fall.