Monday, May 23, 2011

Intorducing Mrs. K and Chevy

Cassy and I went to Mrs. K's house yesterday to take pictures of her and Chevy. This was a new experience for us as we are use to taking photos of kids, babies and families. We took Chloe and Hailey with us. They had fun entertaining the other horse that was left in the pen.
Chevy was dressed to the nines for his photo debut.

Mrs. K had just purchased this beautiful saddle.

Cassy has different pictures of the barn and such. She will most likely post them on Facebook later.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Time

It's always lots of fun when an adult comes on the trampoline. We have been blessed with beautiful weather. Not quite warm enough for the sprinkler underneath but still nice.

We were at Grandma's on Monday. The kids, minus Victoria, sit at the island. This is all fine now until Victoria wants to sit there too and is old enough to be out of a high chair. There will be room made for her. Not too sure why Chloe is feeding Briana because Briana is a big girl. I think she wanted her to hurry up and finish so they could have dessert.

Chloe was with Grandpa for a part of the day and came back like this. She found this pink flag ribbon in the truck and wanted a head band to pretend something. So like a good grandparent, he granted his grand daughter's wishes. Notice the bug on her neck.
Russell and Chloe went fishing for trout in the dugout for the first time. It was not cold out but the mosquitoes were thick. Russell has lots of patience and enjoyed himself, Chloe too. I do not like fishing and have to patience for that kind of thing.

These are some of the pansies Russell picked out. I thought they would want to mix colors, wrong. He is so happy with them. The other ones are in the garden. I will take pictures of that later.
A little yellow pear shaped tomato plant for the kids. This will stay by basement door for the summer for easy access. I also have a container with scallop squash in it. There is a little container garden happening.
Chloe's pansies.
One of the pots in front of the house. This one is purple and white.
There are 2 pots like this. Curtis and the kids bought them for Mother's Day, without the flowers. This one is mainly red with a bit of creamy white flowers.
Yummy rhubarb. Rhubarb cake is one of my families favorites. With the extra heat from the house and the rain showers, the 2 plants are growing quickly. It is right out Chloe's window and she looks at it every day. This plant is a few years old and produces well. There is a smaller one behind it that is younger but is catching up. Love the time of year when I can garden. Russell and Chloe keep checking the raspberries to see if there are any yet. I think that is what they are waiting for the most.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adventures in Spring

There has been lots of things going on here this last week and a bit. This was Russell and Chloe's last art class for the school year. The art instructor taught them how to draw lady bugs using letters. She was a great instructor and took time the each student. Not too sure why Russell is not smiling here because he was really proud of his creation and had fun. Before you add the pastel colors from chalk, the students traced over the lines with oil based crayon. When the chalk is added, the shape still remains.

Chloe wanted 2 lay bugs on her page and 2 leaves.

Track and field is a highlight of their school year. Chloe is doing her running long jump. The weather was warm that day.
After watching Russell run, I saw he has a really long stride. Look at those legs.
Russell taking his turn at running long jump.

Chloe has always been a fast runner. She is running the 200 meter here and is ahead of the crowd.
We had a beautiful rain the other day. It washed a lot of the dirt off the grass so when I mowed, it was not that dusty.
Curtis must have taken this picture of the rainbow. I found it on my camera when I went to download pictures. The yard is greening up by the hour. The trees now have their little leaves showing. Spring is such a beautiful time of year. Curtis is ready to get some seeds in the garden so if it is dry enough to till tomorrow, I'll plant some things. Happy spring everyone!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

On Friday evening the kids wanted me to open a Mother's Day present. They had gone shopping with Curtis a few days before hand and could wait no longer. There was also another method to this, they wanted waffles on Sabbath morning for breakfast!!
This next picture is compliments of Russell. We long out grew our 2 waffle maker. I was so happy to get a 4 one so I don't have to wait to eat.

On Sunday morning, Russell and Chloe brought me breakfast in bed. The idea all got started when I read them The Bernstein Bears Mother's Day Surprise book about a month ago. They thought it was a fantastic idea. So the kids were up early to get things started. Curtis was up as well. I had strict instructions to stay in bed. I am usually the first one up. I am not pictured here as I don't look like those on moms on TV when they first wake up all beautiful!! Chloe put on her apron over her nightie and came in to take my order. It was very special. My breakfast arrived just how I ordered. Curtis and the kids sat on the bed while I ate. While they had breakfast I had a shower. It was a nice change.

On Sunday we went for a quad trip with Cassy and Hailey. Most of the snow was gone in the woods. The weather was beautiful.

The beavers have done a good job of clearing out all the trees but the evergreens.
There was still some snow. Not as much water as I thought, though still enough to play in.
Cassy showing us some moves on the beaver dam!!
Chloe found a stick and is pretending to hunt.
Hailey is the only girl I know that goes quading in pink!! She is getting hungry. This is where we stopped for a little snack.

Cute smiles from the girls.

All geared up.
Cassy trailed behind me so I could watch her go through the water. This is not as deep as some places.
We all know how much Russell likes to be hugged and kissed!!
Her quad did just fine.

This puddle was a bit deeper. I went through one where the exhaust was under water and it sounded like the quad was blowing bubbles. Curtis said you can get as deep as the seat. It was deep enough I could feel it float at bit. Did not overflow my rubber boots though.
Too muddy to make it up. Quading is something we love to do as a family. We are blessed to live so close to beautiful woods. There is always an adventure. It was nice to spend Mother's Day with my family and another mother.