Friday, December 16, 2011

Updated PIctures of the Kids

Our neighbors have a beautiful stable they let us barrow. It was a bit cool in there so the it took a bit to get some good expressions of the kids. Chloe Jane is almost 7 1/2 years old.
Russell learned several of his expressions from his father.

Finally a nice smile.
I like this one too.
Our two beautiful children. We are so proud of them and all they have become.
Little Chloe has a scrape on her upper lip from hitting a snow bank with her sleigh. They both enjoy being on Christmas break, no deadlines, and fun time with friends. By the end of the 3 weeks, hopefully they will be ready for school.

We are heading to Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore's for a few days at Christmas. Curtis does not have much time off, but we are going to make the best of it. Being with family is a blessing.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


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Russell and Chloe went over to the neighbors this afternoon to slide down
the island onto the ice of the lake. What fun. Tomorrow I think we will go skating.
Not all the kids had skates today. The new snow is so much fun for the kids to play in.

Family Rock Climb

This year for Christmas, our family is not exchanging gifts. Instead, each family is planning an event where we can all be involved and have fun. Mom and Dad wanted to try out rock climbing. There is a climbing wall in Grande Prairie. So last Sunday, we all went, except Mom, she was sick. Steven finally had a chance to climb. He spent a fair amount of time ballying others.
This is an overhang Dad managed to get up. Not sure how he did it.
There goes Aunty Marta.
Russell and Briana having fun. Everyone made it to the top.
Even I made it!
Curtis was going up this one part that was like an overhang. He made it to the top but did say that is was hard. Victoria was too little to climb. Soon she will be able to. She did have fun running around.
I just missed a picture of Uncle Jeff. He was there too and did climb.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas

With Mom and Dad being on holidays in Hawaii, we have been looking after their puppy Samson. He is an English Mastiff and growing like a weed. The kids love to play with him in his kennel. He is learning house rules good and how to treat the kitty.
Last night we went for wagon rides at Evergreen Park to look at the lights. The weather was not that cold. All the kids had fun and want to go again when Grandma and Grandpa get back.
Russell and Victoria.

Chloe and Briana. The flash was very bright when it's dark outside. Silly girls.
Some of the lights. The wagon was rough because there is not much snow. It's hard to take pictures in the dark on a rough ride.
All the kids.
Uncle Curtis and Victoria.

All wrapped up on the wagon. Russell was sitting on the other side with me. Steven is sipping a coffee, Curtis and I already finished ours!

We have our tree up and soon there will be presents underneath. I have some to wrap that Chloe and Russell want to help with. Most of our snow melted due to warm weather and rain. The remaining snow is not nice to play in. Hopefully we will get some more white stuff soon.

Curtis has been working the past two Sundays. I guess it's that time of year when the shop is busy. We will be heading to the Whitmore's for a few days at Christmas. Not all the kids will be there at the same time due to Lana working when Curtis has off and Curtis working when Lana has off. We will stop by their house to at least see Wes and Carter for a little bit. We will be able to spend some time with Crystal, Alvin and the kids. I'm sure there will be lots for Christmas pictures to post in the near future.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fun in the Snow at the Whitmore's

This is after the first we received.
Today after we came home from church, the kids and I got dressed and headed outside. It was a little nippy but the fresh air felt good.

Sarah worked with the kids and taught them how to snow board.
Chloe is not carving, she is about to take a tumble!
Here comes Russell.
Russell getting ready to fall.
Sarah deep in the snow.

It was Chloe's turn to be buried in the snow now. Some snow came a bit too close to her face!! Glad she was still laughing.

Love his rosy cheeks and blue eyes.

Sarah going for a slide.

Here comes Chloe.