Monday, September 24, 2012

Dyke Family

Brotherly love.
 I had the privilege of spending some time yesterday afternoon with the Dyke family. We were in jr. high school together. I would have never thought that I would run into them again. Thanks to Facebook, we hooked up. To think that we only lived 5 miles apart for several years and didn't even know it.
 Such cute kids.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Harvest Season

 I took Russell and Chloe out for their fall pictures the other day. Russell is so unenthusiastic about picture taking. It's hard to get a nice smile out of him. He's like his father and grandfather.
 We have been so blessed to have beautiful weather for later September.
 Russell likes the feel of the turf grass.

 Chloe just likes laying on the grass.
 One day they will no longer want to hold hands.
 Russell really does like hugs from his sister.

 Russell is getting taller.

 My garden has produced an abundance of everything. Gladiolas are one. We have enjoyed a bouquet on the table for weeks already. I plant mixed bulbs because I like the surprise of color when they bloom.

 The view from the hill right by our house. Stunning.
The combine drivers getting supper.

 Corn on the cob is always a hit.

 Chloe loved eating out in the field.
 On their way for supper. Most every night Mom and I took supper to the field.

 These pictures turned out not bad considering I was standing on the steps of the track tractor which was pulling the grain cart. Love to watch straight cutting of wheat.

 Grain cart unloading.
This was the last field of wheat to harvest. Harvest was completed this year in good time and with little set backs. This is Russell's favorite time of year.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Activities of the Whitmore Children

 We were puppy sitting my parents doggy for about a week. Her name is Maggie. Russell and Chloe really love her.
 Our Chloe Jane
 Russell and Ranger
 Chloe loves Ranger lots. When we go away, she misses him so much.
 Ranger going for a swim in a dugout near our house. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Curtis pumped up the dingy and we went out for a paddle.

 Chloe and Curtis tootled around the dugout for quite some time.

 Just chilling.
 One hot afternoon we went to the Simmonette River east of Grande Prairie. The kids had a great time playing in the water.

 They were happily touching each other. That doesn't happen often.
 Russell digging a hole.
 Chloe is building something.

There were all these nests under the bridge. Very cool.
 Chloe found a log to ride.
 The sand was super cool!
They made several trips hauling water. I had a chance to relax and read. We have loved the weather this summer. So nice to be outside in the sun. So glad I don't have an office job. I couldn't do it.