Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The New KItchen

While my in laws where here for Easter, I had help giving the kitchen a new look. It was my MIL who gave me the idea in the first place. She is often painting and changing colors in her house too! This was a big job because of all the cupboards to go around. It only took 2 coats and just over a gallon of paint, impressive. I liked the brown color but not the way it looked with the cupboards. The rest of the main area is still that color.
Vola! I love the way it turned out.
I guess this is more the dining room. The box bay colors were switched around. By the garden doors is where the table is.

This is on a small wall with a light switch on it. This wall is bumped quite a bit so a picture would not work there. I have a few more stickers to put up in the rest of the house. The word Christ is in green to match the counter top and flooring.
This will stay bare above the fridge.

Curtis hung the sign above the door for a finishing touch. It feels so good to have a clean kitchen from top to almost bottom, just need to mop the floors. The walls in hall is the only thing left to wash. With spring here and the flower beds starting to show, my attention is starting to outside. The kids are starting to wind down in their school work. The end is now in sight. Happy spring!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore arrived with chocolate!! The kids loved it. So fitting for each one.

Grandma likes to color eggs with Russell and Chloe. So this morning after breakfast, a dozen eggs got color.

They turned out pretty colors.
Grandma and the kids.

Curtis wanted the eggs to be hidden outside, so in the afternoon, the kids went on a hunt. Hailey is emptying her boots of snow because she sunk down in places.
Chloe thought it was easier for her daddy to carry her.

Curtis giving hints as to where the eggs are hidden.

Russell getting his boots cleaned out.
Found one in the trees.
I did not cook a traditional Easter dinner. Instead, I served BBQ steak, chicken, hot dogs, baked potatoes, salad, veggies and ice cream sundaes for dessert. The other ladies brought some food as well so I was not left with all the cooking. The sun was shining and the day was beautiful.
We went on our first quad ride of the season on Friday. This was a cut line where for the most part we could ride on top the snow. The sun was warming up the snow and making it soft so we took turns getting stuck.
Lunch always tastes better in the great outdoors. I think the kids like making a fire and roasting hot dogs and marshmellows better then the ride!

This is that really steep hill crossing the Bad Heart Creek. Good thing for the snow otherwise I would of had to go down there again. I still have not recovered from when I took the quad there in the summer.
The smoke is coming his way.
Grant and the kids found a teepee someone built. The snow is still over our knees.

I was not the first one to get stuck but I did get stuck. It was later in the afternoon and as you are driving along, you just sink. The quads came back very clean and so did the riders. Chloe and I were kissed by the sun. It was so nice to get out and have fun. This will be our last trip until the snow turns to water or is not so deep.

We went with our neighbors to enjoy the sunshine. They are so fun to go with. We share the food and have a blast.

Plants, Kids, and a Whole Lot More!!

One day la little while ago my neighbor showed up with a bouquet of pink tulips to remind me spring is on the way. It was snowing and blowing that day. They smelled great and lasted a week.
Russell is very interested in taking pictures like I am. He took this one. I love showing him things. He is learning what to look for and has a knack for it.
This month for art class, weaving was to project. The kids loved it.

I have started sunflowers, 2 different kinds of squash and pumpkin in the house. It's time now for the plants to get outside to get tough. They love the sun. With the walk out basement, it is sheltered and warmer down there. The pumpkin are already poking their roots through the peat pots. I guess I will be transplanting them into something bigger before their final home is the garden.
I just could not wait any longer. This bed has been bare for a while. So tonight I quick worked some fertilizer into the soil. It feels so good to see things growing and to work the dirt.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Pictures

On Sabbath Chloe saw her new bike. I had purchased it a few months ago knowing that in July for her birthday, the bikes her size are all sold. The kids were working with Uncle Jeff one afternoon and I went shopping for their birthdays and sent the goodies home with Uncle Jeff to hide till the time is right. Chloe's little bike was sold in February and she has been watching Russell ride his bike in the garage, with little complaints. We had planned a family bike ride after church. She was OK with just walking with Grandma. Chloe amazes me how she does not take things for granted and has not whined about getting a bike.

So to make long story short, Auntie Marta showed Chloe a bike that was in the back of her car. She just said it was a nice bike and showed little emotion. I leaned over and whispered it was for her from mommy and daddy as an early birthday present. Well, she exploded with emotion!! I have never seen her so excited. This bike will be put to good use.

Grandpa just had to take it for a ride as well.

The water carved a tunnel in the dirt. This is on the new road on the way to Mom and Dad's.
I have been learning some new things about my camera. Mom enrolled me in a photography class (as an early birthday present because fall time is not the time to be needing Curtis home in the evenings) in Grande Prairie for 6 Wednesday evenings. I have a friend going with me with is fun. I am learning so much more. I love it. I truly have a passion for this. There is beauty everywhere and in everyone.

Curtis spotted this. The ice is sitting on top the stubble with water running under neath. We shut the truck off and could hear the ice breaking. It was so nice and quiet out in the middle of the country on a deserted road. Curtis also has a good eye for picture taking as well. The picture at the top of the blog of the butterfly, he took with no edits!! He likes to take pictures of different things then I do, which I love.