Friday, February 19, 2016

Out and About

 This winter we have had several days of fog. More than usual. We are enjoying the mild winter. The roads have clear for driving. Our driveway has only needed to be slowed once. Winter sunrises are spectacular.

 Russell's room received a new coat of paint this winter. Still need to add some different decorations. The brown is the old color.

 Russell took the wheels off Chloe's skateboard and turned it into a snow board.  They  both enjoy sliding down the bowl in the back of the house and going over the jump they made of scrap wood.

Kids have been taking a diving class this winter as well.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Southern Alberta

 Within a 6 week time period, we have made 3 trips to Southern Alberta, 2 funerals and a wedding. While we were there, the kids spent time at the spray park in Taber and we spent a day at Writing On Stone Provincial Park near Milk River.

 It was so hot that day. They didn't want to stand too close to each other! It was around 104 F or 40 C with no breeze. 

Finished off the day with the tour guide stopping for a rattle snake. She was able to coax it off the road.


Russell turned 12 years old. Next week he will be starting grade 7 and is looking forward to jr. high. He has a new teacher and class schedule. In the spring, braces were put on his teeth. He has had very little discomfort which is a blessing. Just before these pictures were taken, the was able to choose coloured elastics to go over the wire, blue and green!

Grandma had a birthday as well in June. The kids wanted to surprise her with a party. So she was left at home by herself. The kids showed up with Grandpa, blindfolded her, led her to the truck and Russell drove her to the party. She didn't think it was just the kids in the truck with her but couldn't locate Grandpa in the back seat. Russell did a few extra turns along the way to confuse her.

Chloe Jane is 11! My how time flies when you're having fun. She will be starting grade 5 with the same teacher as before which she is happy with. She continues to grow and is almost as tall as Russell!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring Break Part 2, Everett, Washington

 In March, one of the books Chloe studied for language arts was about bringing back the salmon to Pigeon Creek. So we located the spot where the book was written about about. While trying to find this location, we stopped at a Chamber of Commerce. The clerk helping us knew exactly where this was because back in the 80's when this salmon project started, she was a university student and worked on the project with the local school children.
 The cedar trees are beautiful.

 We continued to drive around in Everett. Throwing rocks into water never gets old!
We watched the ferry unload and load up again. It was nice to spend a sunny day by the water.