Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oregon Trip

 Oregon is a beautiful state. I'm glad we had the opportunity to share it with the kids. We went to Yachats for a family reunion/celebration of life for my great aunt. Our family travelled with Mom and Dad in their van. Memories were made indeed. The first two pictures is the view from our hotel room.

 Curtis, Russell and Chloe waiting to outrun the waves. I got soaked from a wave I did not think would come up that far or fast. The kids laughed at that one.
 Russell and Chloe played lots with cousins, swam in the pool and just enjoyed life.
 We all enjoyed listening to the sounds of the water and watching the majesty of the ocean.

 The day we were leaving was the best weather. Even though there was rain and cool temps, it was still a break from the snow and icy roads. Russell and Chloe are already wanting to return to Yachats during the summer to play in the water.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Our yard this afternoon. The snow keeps falling. It is really pretty. I should have had the camera when we were out this afternoon to take pictures of our other fun. Curtis pulled the kids with the quad in the calf sleigh while Ranger ran beside and I drove the other quad. After retuning home, we went for a walk. So peaceful and quiet.

 Last weekend some students from Russell and Chloe's school came to Grande Prairie to do service work. The job was to tear down an old fence and start to rebuild the new one. This is Chloe and her friend Klinta singing for special music at church. Church was held at Kakut Lake. What a beautiful day it was.
 We took turns to act out Bible stories and to come up with "what God is" in that story. This is Dad throwing Jonah overboard.
 Russell is the large fish that swallowed Jonah.
 My group did when Samson tore down the pillars of the temple.
 This group did Samuel and Eli. Curtis is Eli sleeping and Samuel is getting up because he thought Eli was calling him.
 The tearing down stage.
 The planning stage for the new fence.
 Staying warm by the fire.
 The principle hard at work.
 Chloe and Klinta hauling the old boards into the trailer.
The weather was cold so Curtis brought the three younger children home. The others stayed till quite late working on the job. My friend Holly was over with her twins to spend the afternoon. When the kids saw her car in the driveway, they rushed in to hold the babies. These boys are in their glory holding two little baby boys. The twins had full tummies and were in a milk induced coma!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dyke Family

Brotherly love.
 I had the privilege of spending some time yesterday afternoon with the Dyke family. We were in jr. high school together. I would have never thought that I would run into them again. Thanks to Facebook, we hooked up. To think that we only lived 5 miles apart for several years and didn't even know it.
 Such cute kids.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Harvest Season

 I took Russell and Chloe out for their fall pictures the other day. Russell is so unenthusiastic about picture taking. It's hard to get a nice smile out of him. He's like his father and grandfather.
 We have been so blessed to have beautiful weather for later September.
 Russell likes the feel of the turf grass.

 Chloe just likes laying on the grass.
 One day they will no longer want to hold hands.
 Russell really does like hugs from his sister.

 Russell is getting taller.

 My garden has produced an abundance of everything. Gladiolas are one. We have enjoyed a bouquet on the table for weeks already. I plant mixed bulbs because I like the surprise of color when they bloom.

 The view from the hill right by our house. Stunning.
The combine drivers getting supper.

 Corn on the cob is always a hit.

 Chloe loved eating out in the field.
 On their way for supper. Most every night Mom and I took supper to the field.

 These pictures turned out not bad considering I was standing on the steps of the track tractor which was pulling the grain cart. Love to watch straight cutting of wheat.

 Grain cart unloading.
This was the last field of wheat to harvest. Harvest was completed this year in good time and with little set backs. This is Russell's favorite time of year.