Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Victoria's Shower

The church members of the Lighthouse Church had a get together in honor of baby Victoria. Here is the lady of the hour catching up on her beauty sleep.
The cake was delicious. Kim was cutting the cake like she did at her wedding, except without Steven this time!

A fun time was had by playing some baby games. This is Annalee and Marta.
Naomi and Kimberly.
This is the other Kimberly. I call this Kimberly, Kimberly and Kimberly Weich, I call "My Kim".
Victoria had her tummy filled and was ready to look around. Everyone enjoyed a little cuddle.

Ethal was quite nervous to hold a baby and not use to it. She was cute.
The ladies all pooled our resources and gave Kimberly a gift card to The Children's Place so she can buy clothes as the need comes. She can have fun shopping for her daughters. We are blessed to have another member to our family and the church family as well. I will enjoy getting to watch her grow up and develop her personality.


The Letniaks said...

Looks like fun and looks like Victoria had a blast!!!

S&K Weich said...

Oh, Angie! You are too quick on the draw for leaving comments! :o) And by the way, it had only been a week since I last updated!! Ha! Back to the baby shower, it was SO much fun and yes, we were so blessed by the generosity of the ladies. My mother in law was funny playing "teacher" for the games. I'm surprised Karla didn't get detention for not playing one of the games.