Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grain Terminal Tour

This afternoon, we went to Louis Dreyfus grain terminal in Rycroft for a tour. The most we have seen is from the truck and the grading office. This is Kevin showing the kids on how to grade wheat. I found it very interesting. Russell and Chloe liked watching all machines work. Russell knew every type of seed. Kevin has seen Russell when he hauls grain with Grandpa. Uncle Alvin works at Patterson Grain in Manitoba. Yes, we did go to the competition Alvin!

The squishing method for grading canola is still used. An electronic machine to detect the chlorophyll for a more accurate grade is in the works.
Chloe loves hats and was very excited to wear a hard hat.

This is how the grain gets carried to the top of the terminal in these baskets. We could not go to the top because the cleaners were running.

There were no cars to load today but this is where they would be. They get in 50 cars at a time and need to have then loaded in 10 hours. It takes 8 minutes to load one car. There is a large cable that the cars are moved ahead with to fill the next one. There are 2 tracks with 25 cars on each. Hopefully we can go there when the grain cars are being loaded. The kids had fun and so did I and learned lots.

Thursday we are going to a riding arena for the disabled to learn about how handicapped people ride horses. Stay tuned.


S&K Weich said...

Mr. Kevin looks like he did a very good job showing the kids around.

The Letniaks said...

Looks like the kids had fun!! Love them in the bright blue hard hats!!