Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Field Trip

Today was another day for a field trip. We went to a petting zoo just south of us. The afternoon started out with lunch of hot dogs, chips and water. The buns were almost too big to get their mouths around. Russell was sitting with some boys. He did not want to be with the girls the whole time. Our neighbors came with us for the afternoon.
Ciera had a hard time keeping the hot dog in the bun.
The three kids posing for a picture getting ready to go see some animals.

The kids had a chance to feed the llamas. Russell kept calling them mammals, which they are, but the two words sound similar.
This llama here emptied Russell bucket of oats. Their head fits in just perfect to get the last kernel. Russell had a small allergic reaction in the same eye as before when we got home. It cleared up right away. He is going to acupuncture tomorrow with me to see if that will help.
This is the most pretty out house Chloe has been in. There was even a water jug to wash your hands with soap. She was quite happy to use the out house.

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S&K Weich said...

Those hot dogs look like they were delicious. I like the outhouse. A woman's touch, for sure.