Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Time of Skies for Russell and Chloe

Russell and Chloe are geared up and ready to go. Because they have been ice skating this winter, they felt OK with having something on their feet. We went skiing with the home school group in the area. Curtis took the day off work which was a big help.

The kids liked this carpet lift that took them up the bunny hill. Russell and Chloe had a bit of a lesson. Curtis and I took turns skiing by ourselves on the rest of the hill.
Russell and Chloe are concentrating hard on turning and stopping at the bottom.
After lunch, they were ready to try out a bigger hill. I took Russell and Curtis took Chloe. The first time down Russell did not like it. He is lacking some leg strength so it took him a while to catch on to turning. After that, he got the hang of it and did really good. Curtis had Chloe ride down behind him so she thought it was easy! It was a good sign when the kids want to go back for another day of skiing.


The Letniaks said...

Looks like the kids had fun!! They will catch on to that real soon.

S&K Weich said...

Love the concentration on their faces as they head down the hill. They will catch on soon and then they'll be on to bigger and better things in skiing.