Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots of Activity with the Whitmore's

Yesterday I was in Grande Prairie with Mom. Chloe had been complaining about her gum on the bottom hurting. I keep brushing her off because she always seems to have something wrong. I told her I would floss her teeth when we get home. A minute later, she said "I lost a tooth!" I was driving in traffic and told her she didn't. She said yes she did. Sure enough there was a tooth in her hand. She had been eating nuts with Russell and felt something hard in her mouth and tried to chew it, then realized it would not chew. I was very unprepared for her loosing teeth. With Russell, he received a Thomas Train under his pillow, so we had to do something for her. She came out of her bed this morning and said there was nothing under her pillow. I felt about 2 inches tall because I forgot! So she went back to bed and pretended to be sleeping and I slipped her surprise under her pillow. Her day was now off to a great start!
We went today to the Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society arena. There we observed disabled kids riding horses. This girl here was in a wheelchair and needed to be put on the horse with a lift. The kids thought that was pretty cool.

One of the instructors took us back to the barn to see a horse. The first thing they asked was if they could give the horse a snack. I think they snack was big alfalfa cubes. They thought the lips of the horse tickled their hands.

So then we were done, Russell's eyes started to itch. He washed his hands and within a few minutes, this is what happened. It got worse after this. The other eye was red down to his lips and he had these white welt looking things on his face. We went to the hospital to hopefully get a shot of Benedryl which is faster acting than oral. After taking one look at the ER, we left. I gave him some oral meds and the redness and itchiness started to subside by the time we arrived home. His one eye is still swollen but the red is gone. I know he has seasonal allergies, but nothing that Claratin won't fix. He has been around horses before without a problem. I think it is the hay which he has not been around. So needless to say he wanted to go to bed at 6:30 this evening. He is going to try acupuncture like I am getting for my allergies to see if that will help him. I do not want him to go down the same path that I am on with allergies. So far he is not off to a good start. He has been on Claratin for 2 seasons already. So this is a day in the life of the Whitmore's. I am blessed that his reaction was not worse and I am blessed that I have the privilege of broadening their horizons. Things could be worse and for that I am thankful.


S&K Weich said...

Oh, my. That is not a good thing for Russell. And Chloe was so proud. I was expecting a call from her to tell me about her tooth.

The Letniaks said...

Poor guy!!! That looks soooo uncomfortable! Hopefully you figure out exactly what caused it and it won't trigger a worse rxn next time. Your kids are gonna break the tooth ferry!!!!! What happened to a quarter :) All-in-all looks like everyone had fun!

C&K Whitmore said...

Yeah, the tooth fairy only gives big for the first few and then the generosity decreases. I put a cabbage leaf on his eye for 20 minutes and the swelling seemed to have decreased. Lets just say he will not most likely be a cattle farmer.