Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When the Kids are Away, the Parents go Play, in the Water That is!!

Here is my quad sitting and watching all the action from Curtis. On Monday, the weather was beautiful we we hopped on the quads after supper and went for a ride. The sun stays in the sky till late, so there was lots of time to enjoy the scenery.

This puddle was a bit too deep to go through the center.
So far so good.
He made it.
This puddle here was a bit too deep. I don't cross till I see how deep it is. When the exhaust is under water, it's a little deep.

I needed to come to the rescue. I drove on the side and hooked his winch to my quad to help him out. He couldn't turn the quad off and had to make sure it did not stall because the exhaust was in the water. Amazingly enough, we came back dry and only a bit muddy. If the weather does not warm up, these puddles will be here for a while.

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