Monday, June 6, 2011

Russell's 8th Birthday Celebrations

This is our baby Russell Walker Whitmore. Born June 4, 2003 at 7:10 am. He was a long, skinny baby. The weather was very hot that week, nothing like it is now, some frost and snow!! How things have changed. Russell's birthday celebrations actually started last Sunday when we went to the rodeo.

After church on Sabbath, the group went to Saskatoon Lake Park for a picnic. Miss Wilma brought Russell a cake for lunch.
Russell and Chloe rode to the park with Grandma and Grandpa. They did not know we went to pick up Hailey. We arrived before they did and Hailey hid to be a present for Russell. He went to go find her. They 3 kids played on the playground for hours, not even wanting dessert after lunch.
Russell wanted to go mini golfing for his birthday. So between rain showers, we were able to get a quick game in.
Hailey scooting the ball in.
Chloe is fishing Russell's ball out of the water.
Making a plan.
Chloe did 4 hole in ones!!

Cassy made Russell a Lego cake. She came up with idea and vo-la!! Russell did not know what his cake was going to be and loved the surprise. Some blocks were chocolate and some were white. Yummy.
Russell had been waiting a long time to open some presents. With church and a picnic on Sabbath, we saved the celebrations for the next day. Chloe was so excited for him to open a present she got him. Russell loves games and puzzles.

Activity book with stickers and puzzles from Cassy and Hailey.
Lego from Uncle Jeff and Aunty Marta. They also got him a ball glove. They have a bat and ball and no glove. Now he can catch the balls Chloe hits. Good thing for a big yard!!
Cousins having fun. Victoria was sleeping.
Quading gloves from Aunty Kimmy, Uncle Steven, Briana and Victoria.
Hoodie from Grandma and Grandpa.
Curtis and I thought he needed a challenge. So this Lego set should keep him busy for a while.

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The Letniaks said...

Happy 8th birthday!!! Looks like him and Jaren will get along quite well at campmeeting - they seem to be into the exact same things!! :) Love the cakes - lucky boy!