Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This and That

Russell and Chloe made Grandma a coupon book for her birthday. They made up things they would like to help Grandma with. For example loading the dishwasher, working in the garden, feeding the dog, things like that.
Chloe decorated her book much different then Russell.

These are one of my favorite flowers.
Chloe ready for church.
Grandma had bought Chloe some window markers. They decorated the mirror in the guest bathroom for her.
This was taken a few days ago. They have grown so much since.
Look at that face, so cute.
Ranger is very curious about the pups. He likes to smell and lick them. Ciera and Hudson came over today to pet the puppies. They were so excited to have a pup on their lap. They were almost vibrating, so precious.

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Linda said...

The puppies are really growing. I will enjoy seeing them with their eyes open. Those window markers were a great investment.