Sunday, April 24, 2011

We went on our first quad ride of the season on Friday. This was a cut line where for the most part we could ride on top the snow. The sun was warming up the snow and making it soft so we took turns getting stuck.
Lunch always tastes better in the great outdoors. I think the kids like making a fire and roasting hot dogs and marshmellows better then the ride!

This is that really steep hill crossing the Bad Heart Creek. Good thing for the snow otherwise I would of had to go down there again. I still have not recovered from when I took the quad there in the summer.
The smoke is coming his way.
Grant and the kids found a teepee someone built. The snow is still over our knees.

I was not the first one to get stuck but I did get stuck. It was later in the afternoon and as you are driving along, you just sink. The quads came back very clean and so did the riders. Chloe and I were kissed by the sun. It was so nice to get out and have fun. This will be our last trip until the snow turns to water or is not so deep.

We went with our neighbors to enjoy the sunshine. They are so fun to go with. We share the food and have a blast.


Kimberly Weich said...

Yes, but then Curtis will be happy that it's muddy because then he can quad through the mud! Quadding is fun only when you come back clean! :o) The kids look like they enjoyed it lots.

C & K Whitmore said...

The fun part is the mud!

The Letniaks said...

Looked like a great time!

Linda said...

Do you think it would be fun quadding for Curtis if there wasn't some place to get stuck?