Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Pictures

On Sabbath Chloe saw her new bike. I had purchased it a few months ago knowing that in July for her birthday, the bikes her size are all sold. The kids were working with Uncle Jeff one afternoon and I went shopping for their birthdays and sent the goodies home with Uncle Jeff to hide till the time is right. Chloe's little bike was sold in February and she has been watching Russell ride his bike in the garage, with little complaints. We had planned a family bike ride after church. She was OK with just walking with Grandma. Chloe amazes me how she does not take things for granted and has not whined about getting a bike.

So to make long story short, Auntie Marta showed Chloe a bike that was in the back of her car. She just said it was a nice bike and showed little emotion. I leaned over and whispered it was for her from mommy and daddy as an early birthday present. Well, she exploded with emotion!! I have never seen her so excited. This bike will be put to good use.

Grandpa just had to take it for a ride as well.

The water carved a tunnel in the dirt. This is on the new road on the way to Mom and Dad's.
I have been learning some new things about my camera. Mom enrolled me in a photography class (as an early birthday present because fall time is not the time to be needing Curtis home in the evenings) in Grande Prairie for 6 Wednesday evenings. I have a friend going with me with is fun. I am learning so much more. I love it. I truly have a passion for this. There is beauty everywhere and in everyone.

Curtis spotted this. The ice is sitting on top the stubble with water running under neath. We shut the truck off and could hear the ice breaking. It was so nice and quiet out in the middle of the country on a deserted road. Curtis also has a good eye for picture taking as well. The picture at the top of the blog of the butterfly, he took with no edits!! He likes to take pictures of different things then I do, which I love.


The Letniaks said...

I'm sure Chloe will put a few miles on that bike this summer :) Great pictures of all the water, it is such an amazing thing. That is one thing that I miss most about Terrace....the sound of running water! Hope the run-offs don't do too much damage!

Kelly said...

Grandpa looks good on the pink bike!! Awesome photos Karla!!