Sunday, April 24, 2011

Plants, Kids, and a Whole Lot More!!

One day la little while ago my neighbor showed up with a bouquet of pink tulips to remind me spring is on the way. It was snowing and blowing that day. They smelled great and lasted a week.
Russell is very interested in taking pictures like I am. He took this one. I love showing him things. He is learning what to look for and has a knack for it.
This month for art class, weaving was to project. The kids loved it.

I have started sunflowers, 2 different kinds of squash and pumpkin in the house. It's time now for the plants to get outside to get tough. They love the sun. With the walk out basement, it is sheltered and warmer down there. The pumpkin are already poking their roots through the peat pots. I guess I will be transplanting them into something bigger before their final home is the garden.
I just could not wait any longer. This bed has been bare for a while. So tonight I quick worked some fertilizer into the soil. It feels so good to see things growing and to work the dirt.


The Letniaks said...

I hear you about getting outside! We were out today in the gorgeous weather and it is so nice to get the yard cleaned up after such a LONG winter. I can hardly wait for the shrubs/trees to start showing signs of life! I love the tulips!

Kimberly Weich said...

Yes, it will be spring soon. Have no fear! I love receiving flowers as a surprise. What a nice neighbor.

Linda said...

Maybe I should have you start some plants for me, since I don't have any place to start them yet. I love the flower photo that Russell took. He did a great job.