Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun in Southern Alberta

While all the kids and grand kids were home, except Haeli who was on a mission trip in California, we went to Medicine Hat to go swimming. What a fantastic pool. There was so much to do. The wave pool was be best. When the waves were on, it was a rough ride in the lazy river. Here is Curtis showing us some moves on the rope.
The 70 year old birthday boy coming down the slide. Swimming is not his favorite thing but I'm glad he finds pleasure in watching his family have fun.
Even I had a few tries at the rope.
Curtis with the kids in the lazy river.
Carter loved this floaty. He could kick his legs and move. He squealed with excitement.
Here is the crew.
Chloe just had to be in the picture. After swimming we went to Tony Roma's for supper. Grandpa's 70th birthday celebrations just keep going. When all is said and done he had 2 weeks where there were dinners and visiting. This he will remember.
Little Carter and Uncle Curtis. Carter is 7 months old and a very happy baby.
Look at the smiles.

While in Southern Alberta we took a drive to see the The Forks. We made it most of the way by truck. The last bit we had to take by foot because the truck got stuck. The ground was so soft and on the back trail there is no hard base because there is not much traffic.Curtis texting Wes to see when he's going to be there with the other truck. We were over the hill by this time and could not see the road.

I think Curtis knew he would get stuck because be brought the rope and chain with him. Crystal, Alvin and Reid came too.
Here they go.
Needless to say Grandpa's white truck was no longer white. Their yard is very muddy too so he was not bothered!

We went over to see some cousins, Logan, Taylor and Mitch, and their parents of course. We were there for chores. The kids wanted to see some baby calves. In this picture, Logan is missing.Mitch and Chloe
Taylor and Chloe. Chloe loved the attention she received from Taylor. They had fun together.
This baby calf is a twin. Her mom does not have enough milk for both.
Russell had a hard time holding the bottle. She wanted her milk!
Chloe is wanting Russell to hold on and help too. She thinks he's not helping enough.
Mitch and Russell cleaning the stall. Work never killed anyone. Russell loved it!

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