Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Activities

Well we have finally received the snow we have been praying for and so desperately need. I'm the sure the farmers will be in good moods now!! There is lots of beauty around.

The little triangle you see is one f my evergreen trees. This tree is about up to my waist with no snow. Now it is all covered.
These pictures were taken at 9:30 am and there still is not much light. I do notice it staying light longer in the evening but the mornings are still dark for a long time.
The snow in our bowl by the walk out basement is half way up the garden doors. I wanted to take a picture but everything is so white there is no definition as to how deep the snow really is.

The snow up around the tires on the truck was just from overnight. When the wind stopped blowing, Curtis went out and started plowing. It has been snowing on and off for over a week and the snow was beginning to add up. With temps in -30's with a wind, being out on a quad was not going to happen. Now the temperature is -25 Celsius and no wind, so it's really not that bad out. We're going to feel like we are in a heat wave if we hit -10 Celsius like the weather man is predicting. Looks like the warmer weather will be here just in time to see my head back to Florida!!

Chloe had her friend Ciera come skating with her on Friday.

First one, than the other. The second top tooth was not that loose. As soon as she lost the one, within a few days, the second one came out. Two less to clean for the hygienist this week. I should see if there is a deal because she does not have all her teeth!
The month of January is going by not too bad. We have been doing creative and fun things in school to keep the kids occupied. We are very happy for the warm basement where we spend most of our time. With the cold weather the doggy has been sleeping in the house. As long as I get to sleep before Curtis and Ranger, I'm good. They both snore. If it warms up this week, outside he goes to sleep with the cats. They are missing his heat I'm sure.
We will be starting on building the shelves for Chloe's walk in closet. She can't wait and I'm tired of not having a place to put her things. So stayed tuned for some pictures of the finished product.


Linda said...

You guys did have lots of snow. It will be fun to play in this next week as the weather is supposed to be above normal. What a change.

The Letniaks said...

That IS a lot of snow!!! Nice to see for a change this year!