Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Weich Style

Russell and Chloe love opening their stockings.

Chloe got more horses and riders to go with the one she already had. They are soft and positionable which makes for great playing.
The kitty getting a birds eye view of the activities.
Chloe loves to hug and put her arms around you. I love that about her.
Russell has wanted a fishing rod for some time now. He has never been fishing before but there is a first time for everything.
Curtis sporting his new toque.
Chloe was excited to see what others got. Grandma is opening a gift card.
Chloe's fishing rod.

Grandpa is asking the kids if there are granola bars in this box! It is so fun to watch the kids open presents and get excited.
Briana trying on her new outerwear.
Some of the pictures are from when the four of us had a little Christmas. The rest are from when we went to Steven and Kim's house for the turkey, all the trimmings and fun.


Kimberly Weich, Escential Consultant said...

Yes, it was a fun time. I can't believe that we're staring at Spring now that Christmas is over with. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were in our garden.

Linda said...

We have to have Valentine's before spring, and I think Easter comes in there too, although it is late this year. We had a lot of fun at Christmas time, that is true. So much to do before seeding.