Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Snow Snow

The temperature warmed up so out the kids went. I looked out the window at them to see they were having a hard time in the snow. I thought they were just playing. I had them come back to the garage. I quickly put on my winter gear, grabbed the camera and headed out. If the snow was truly that deep, I wanted pictures of it. As I started trudging over the banks, I realized it was very deep. The snow on the level is to my bum and I'm not 5' tall!! So the kids had to almost swim through the snow. I had a hard time breaking trail because I could not lift my legs high enough over the snow to take another step. A great workout at best.
Ranger only goes out where the snow has not been plowed after someone else has made a trail.

There is not much of a slide for the kids go down. Russell had fun cleaning off the play center.

It is hard to tell here because everything is so white. The snow banks are very tall. The grader sees our yard is getting drifting in because we can only push so much with the quad and opens our driveway back up. These pictures were taken a few days ago and there is more snow. I will take pictures of the tunnel for our driveway and post them later.

I am very thankful I live in the country. In the city, there is snow plowing but no snow removal. They make windrows down the center of the street and leave it there. This amount of snow is normal for this area. The last several years have not been normal in the snow department. Chloe and I took the quad out on the road before it was plowed. It just floated over the snow, we had fun. Ranger had a good run. Curtis will shovel the 2 valleys on the roof on Sunday. The rest of the rood does not collect that much snow. The snow won't be going away for a few months yet so we are going to enjoy it.

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The Letniaks said...

It is soo nice when it warms up and you can actually enjoy this white stuff. My kids were out for most of the day yesterday - something we ALL needed!