Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday in the Snow

What a beautiful day. The temperature is above freezing and the sky is clear. Curtis went up on the roof to see how much snow was up there. On this side of the house, the valley faces north so more snow collects there. It was 2' deep in places. He just did a bit of shoveling around the vents and eaves.

Mr. Grant came over with his quad that has tracks on it. Curtis took it for a spin in the yard. Well the spin didn't last very long as he got stuck by the lease road.

Mr. Grant walked out there to give a hand. The snow is so deep and hard to walk in. The quad was just about buried.

So after some shoveling and rocking, the quad came out. Mr. Grant had to empty his boots of snow. After walking through that much snow, snow gets everywhere.

Instead of staying on the lease road, they cut across our yard and almost were stuck again. I think these 2 guys just like to see how much the machine will go through. We go on quad rides with Grant. While Bev and I stay on the trails, the guys are off on a different trail with more mud.
Our family went out on a little quad ride this afternoon with Ranger. We stopped on the side of the road and climbed the windrows left from the grader and jumped into the snow. What fun. The battery was dead in Russell's camera so no pictures this time. While on the road, it was like we were in a tunnel.


The Letniaks said...

Looks like fun! Such beautiful snow!

Linda said...

I am not going to believe Curtis any more when he complains about the snow. It looks like he is having way too much fun.