Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Clause Parade - John Deere Style

The kids were invited to ride on a John Deere wagon in the parade. Usually we are on the sidelines so it was nice to catch this angle.
There's Santa on a tractor.
Chloe ringing the bell and very happy to be there.

There were lots of people along the route. Even at the beginning where the route had not begun yet there were people lined up.
Here's the familiar faces we were waiting for. Daddy, grandparents, Briana, Hailey, Cassy, Victoria was sleeping, Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Steven. Hailey is giving us a big wave. Briana is not to sure what to think.

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The Letniaks said...

That sure would have been a highlight for your kids! Not many people get to be part of a parade!! Chloe looked thrilled!! Hope everyone stayed warm!