Saturday, November 6, 2010

Curtis' 37th Birthday

A church member works at Dairy Queen and makes cakes. I called Joseph during the week to see if he could do a cake for Curtis. Last year he did his cake as well. Joseph asked me what I wanted on it. As I preceded to tell him, he interrupted me and said he had some great ideas and wanted to make a John Deere cake. Joseph did an awesome job. Notice the tread on the tires, 3 point hitch on the back, and the John Deere symbol. Thanks so much Joseph.

This is not all that happened for Curtis' birthday. Last Saturday evening, several friends came over for some food and visiting. On Thursday, which is the day of his birthday, we went out for lunch and he had some phone calls from family. The kids are now getting into others birthdays and they had fun with some of the planning.
Chloe is patiently waiting to have a taste.

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