Friday, November 12, 2010

November Quad Ride

Mr. Grant is a great fire builder. There was kindling and cut wood left over from someone else. So we just found some kindling, a little bit of paper and Mr. Grant had the fire going.
Chloe is very happy we have stopped for lunch and to get warm.
Ryan Layton waiting for his turn to roast a hot dog. Notice the tire seat.
Mrs. Bev getting her lunch.
Mmmmmm. Those dogs tasted so good roasted over the fire. The kids were tired of holding their sticks so Mr. Grant made them a little stick holder, then they could sit and monitor the cooking.
Mr. Grant is still waiting to eat.
Russell and Chloe did not want to have a bun so I wrapped the hot dog in paper towel. It works.

Mrs. Bev and I went around the ice. Curtis and Mr. Grant went over the ice and did not brake through. Then came Ryan. The ice could not take any more. This was the only ice we broke through. When Curtis and I were here 2 weeks earlier, it was very muddy and we were in 4x4 most of the time. Now everything is frozen and the riding was great.
In the back seat of a quad, there is not much room for a large chain saw. Mr. Grant bought his little one along in case we needed it to clear a trail. There were some pretty big trees and the little saw did the trick.
Russell and Chloe watching the tree cutting process.
Beautiful scenery.
This was a big tree but it did get cut up. The winch on the quad pulled it out of the way and than we were off, till the next tree over the trail.

We spent most of the day outside. We all came home and had hot showers and supper. The kids and Curtis were spent. If the snow stays away, we will most likely be out again on Sunday. I guess the basement can wait till the weather turns really cold. Mr. Grant and Mrs. Bev also have basement work to do and are waiting till winter sets in also. Maybe we won't get started till January. Every day without snow is one day closer to spring!!

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The Letniaks said...

How amazing to be riding around in November - I think our rides have come to a hault now that winter has possibly settled in around here.