Sunday, November 7, 2010

Helicopter Fun

Our neighbor is a helicopter pilot and well operator. He flies south of Grande Prairie and covers a huge area. The work of checking wells would take lots longer by truck. There was fog in his area this morning so he flew home for a few hours to let the fog burn off.
Russell thought is was very cool to sit at the controls. There was no time for rides today but maybe next time.
Eldon and his 2 kids Ciera and Hudson.
Ciera was so excited to sit in the pilots seat. I love her HUGE smile.
Eldon and his wife Jennifer.
Hudson liked the helicopter better when his daddy was in there with him. The inside is very tight. Eldon was telling us that the pilots can't be overweight because then they can't take much fuel with them on the job or fit very easy in the seat. Eldon flies alone so he takes his tools, generator and a full take of fuel.
This is their back yard.
Just lifted off the ground.

There he goes, back to work. It only takes about 15 minutes to fly south of Grande Prairie from our house. We could hear him long time after he was out of sight. We had a pretty good afternoon. Something to put in the memory bank.

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