Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outside Fun

Across the road from our house there is a field of bales that the kids wanted to play on. There was an old shed we found which was fun to look around and take pictures.
Hailey, Russell and Chloe's friend.

The girls were having fun.
They love being up high in breeze.

The girls have lots of love for Russell, being the only boy.
Going to check out the rest of the field.

Hailey and her mom.

This old truck was yucky inside but kids don't seem to have a gross factor!
Inside the box, the bed was rusted though and could not be stood on.

We started our day with lunch and then headed outside for some water balloon fun. Russell usually cried when air filled balloons break, not sure why. He was laughing so hard every time a water balloon broke he could hardly stand up. He had a hard time throwing them because he was laughing so hard. Chloe knew how to play the game, she waited until Russell and Hailey had all their balloons used and than she attacked them with hers. For the next round, we just had one pile and everyone helped themselves. After a full afternoon of water balloons, trampoline and bale climbing, Chloe was eager to go to bed. Russell headed to the farm that evening and had to have a second supper when he got there. Grandma and Russell are to be sleeping in this morning. He wants to stay at the farm for 2 weeks, so we will see.
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The Letniaks said...

Really cute pictures Karla!!!

duckmomma5 said...

awesome photos! Looks like a great place to take a family christmas pic!

C & K Whitmore said...

Hey that is a good idea for Christmas pictures. The old shed would look nice with a bit of snow on it. Thanks for the ideas. Usually we go to a beautiful park with big trees and fall leaves, but I have been wanting to do something different.