Monday, August 30, 2010

The Palmer Family

Cassy's husband Brian was home from work so it was time for family pictures. Cassy's mom is also here from Ontario.

It is hard to pick my favorite. All of the ones I have posted I really like. I played around with the editing to enhance the photo.

I love their smiles. They just celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

Hailey and her Grandma. I think these are my favorite.

Three generations.

How sweet!!
Fooling around.

A beautiful family.

It was a little too sunny today. The weather has been rainy, cloudy and cool. The clouds stuck around until the camera came out. We did the best we could. What fun. I could not imagine having a paying 9-5 job than I would not be able to do things like this!

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Linda said...

You did a really nice job posing them for the pictures. They turned out great.