Monday, September 13, 2010

Around the House and Beyond

Chloe is my kitchen helper and loves to be in proper uniform for what ever she is doing. I was starting to make cinnamon rolls. I tied her apron and then she told me just a minute. She came back with Russell's boxers on her head for a chef's hat. She is so cute and is a big help. Here she is stirring the sauce.

Some of the gladiolas from the garden.
Yesterday we were able to meet up with Wes and Lana in Wetaskiwin to see the new baby. He was born on September 4. His name is Carter John and is absolutely adorable. Uncle Curtis is smitten with him.
Carter is off to la la land in his uncle's arms.
Curtis has been waiting for a VERY LONG time to get another quad. He finally found a great deal. So on Sunday we went to Westerose, AB to pick it up. Curtis went for a spin at 10:30 pm when we got home. He could not wait any longer.
The kids are also very happy to have another quad. Now we can all go together as a family instead of me staying home. Russell can drive the other one quite well so we went on a little ride this afternoon. Chloe and I on this one and Russell following on the other one. He was so proud to be able to follow by himself. I now have great leverage with them getting their school work done. If school is not done or there is complaining while you are doing it, there are no quads.
This quad rides like a dream. I know when Curtis is around he will be the one driving it. The other one has more than enough power for me and takes me where I need to go.


S&K Weich said...

What a goof that Chloe Jane is! Ha! Love it. Carter is very cute and will fit in well with all of his cousins in the Whitmore family. Looks like the quad will be very good leverage for making the kids get things done. Leverage is always a good thing. Just think, one day, it will be the car or truck.

S&K Weich said...

Oh, and look at that...Curtis is actually smiling really nice for once...with his quad! Ha ha!