Saturday, June 5, 2010

Russell's Birthday Part 3

This is the last and final post of Russell's birthday, party is OVER!! On Thursday, Grandpa, Grandma, and Chloe stopped over with a special box for Russell to put his Meccano pieces in. He got a remote controlled car for Christmas that you build and then can take it apart and rebuild. He is now into the rebuilding stage again.
Uncle Jeff, Auntie Marta, Sarah, Russell and I all went out for lunch on Friday, the day of his actual birthday. I have started a tradition with the kids that when it is their birthday, they get to pick where to go for lunch, have an eye exam and come to town with just me. Chloe stayed at Grandma's from Wednesday till Sabbath. Russell picked Mr. Mike's for lunch and had a few extra guests.
Russell had saved up his birthday money. He thought he wanted a gas powered remote controlled truck for outside. I told him smart shoppers look around and then decide what to buy. After looking a bit, he decided a bike with gears and hand brakes was something he would rather have. Last year he bought a bike with his money a s well. For Russell, it is all about the gears and brakes!! This bike is a little on the big side but he can still ride it. After shopping at 2 different places, this is the one he decided on. He did not have quite enough money for the bike but as part of his present, we paid for the rest. Russell does not buy several little things, he saves up and buys big things.

Here are some pictures of the kids taken after church today. It was hard to get Russell to look at the camera, he was too interested in what was going on elsewhere.


The Letniaks said...

That was one LONG celebration!!! Good pictures of the kids after church!

S&K Weich said...

Yes, Russell had quite the long birthday.